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The First 5 Steps to Plan Your Perfect Wedding Menu


Wedding day is one of the most exciting experiences you will ever have. So no surprise every couple wants this day to be perfect. While every single detail matters on this day, food is one of the most important elements that will stick in people’s mind. This is why it is so vitally important to plan your wedding menu right. The easiest and less stressful way to plan your menu correctly is to find and cooperate with professional caterer who will offer many wedding catering solutions for your special day. Regardless of the caterer you decide to hire, there are five essential things to remember about the wedding menu.

1. Think about your guests.

With no doubt, this is your special day and everything is about you, but keep in mind that you are also a host having guests. And there is a great chance that this is the biggest party you are throwing so you need to make people remember it. So when discussing wedding catering solutions with a caterer for your special day keep your guests in mind and serve popular dishes so that everyone at the party will be pleased with the options.

Wedding menu

2. Create the perfect timeline.

When creating your wedding menu you need to also consider the flow of the wedding. It means that you should think about the main courses and calculate the length of the ‘seating time’ for the guests. After that you will have to add cocktails and appetizers at the beginning and you should of course leave time for the cake. As a rule, professionals advise to opt for a two course plated dinner with a break for little speeches. If you are not sure how to create the right timeline, always consult your caterer and get some useful advice in this respect.

3. Think of a cocktail hour.

As already stated in the previous point, you can always create a cocktail hour before the main courses begin. Cocktails are always welcomed by the guests, so if planning them you will always win. Moreover, long enough cocktail hour can spare you from a course or two. To spice up the cocktails you can hire nice bartenders and think of special cocktails named after you and your spouse. This hint is always appreciated and remembered by the guests.

4. Be realistic about the budget.

This is one of the most important things to do. Make sure that you weight your budget and needs or requirements to find the best compromise. According to experts from Partsandlabourcatering.ca offering Toronto downtown catering services, the most common mistake of the newlyweds is to make their party bigger than they can and larger than needed. Consider your taste and resources and plan accordingly.

5. Season and setting.

And the final tip here is to create a theme for your wedding and create a menu together with the venue decorations according to it. And also keep in mind that each season has its specialties, so do not neglect them.


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