There is no secret that hiring new services to cooperate with can feel overwhelming, especially if you put all your belongings at stake. And you have thousands of movers in Okotoks to choose from, so how can you actually pick the one best team for cooperation? Well, the ultimate answer in a couple of words does not exist, but we compiled several points to pay attention to.

1. Know Your Mover’s Type

Before you get down to your computer and type anything into your browser you have to understand what kind of moving company you are looking for. Company experts explain that there are different type of movers for a reason; each team works best under specific conditions and with specific loads. It means that if you hire the right team your move will go much faster and smoother. So your job is to search for types of movers in the area and find a company which suits your relocation best.

Moving day

2. Do the Research

After you know the type of company you are looking for it is just the right time to begin searching for options. At this stage of your move you have to find at least five movers in Okotoks and research them completely. Find information about their license numbers, certificates, location and contact info, make sure to read complaints register to see how they handle problems should any occur during your move.

3. Ask Questions

After you have several companies in hand it is time to call each of them and talk over the phone or in-person with their representatives. Professional from Okotoks moving company advise creating a list of questions that interest you in order to have the same profile for every team and get a possibility to compare them in the future. As a result you will be able to narrow down all choice leaving only three teams on the list.

4. Understand Estimates

Now you need to ask each out of three companies into your home for an in-person estimate. Cross instantly out the companies which refuse to come to your home and offer distance estimates. Then collect estimates and evaluate each of them very carefully.

5. Understand Fees

At this point you should understand movers’ additional fees and whether you need to pay them during the move. It is highly advised by experts from one Okotoks moving company to find a company whose additional fees will not be needed because everything is included into the estimate. Experts advise to do so because additional fees will cost you more in the end while estimate price cannot be changed.

And the final stage of the process of choosing the best moving company for your relocation is to compare all the date about each company that you have. Pay attention to the services included into the estimate and additional fees that you will need to pay. Keep in mind complaint register and decide which team works best for your needs.


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