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Who is Liable for Injuries at a Ball Park?


The onset of summer means that more people are out and about at the park or watching a ball game. Although this is supposed to be fun, it can all go wrong if people do not follow the rules as they are supposed to.
There are many stories about people being hurt or injured while enjoying sports; both taking part and watching. If players or the owners of ball parks/stadiums do not follow the rules and regulations, then they may be liable for any issues or injuries.

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What kind of things can contribute to stadium injuries?

The most common type of stadium injury are slips, trips and fall injuries. Uneven floors, spilled substances and trip hazards all contribute to this problem.

Stadium owners must be aware of hazards and take adequate steps to fix the problem as soon as possible. These steps include cordoning off dangerous areas or putting up wet floor signs to notify people about the danger.

Other contributing factors may include; lack of safety rails, improperly maintained safety rails, overcrowded facilities; lack of fire extinguishers; inadequate protection from objects flying towards the stands; and a lack of a safety plan in case of an emergency scenario.

At the ball park, objects such as bats, balls and pucks are highly likely to fly towards the stands, so they should take steps to protect spectators from these risks. Sports grounds are popular places, so managers have a responsibility to make sure that stadiums do not become overcrowded. Mismanagement of crowds can also cause problems if there is an unsafe buildup of people in a certain area.

Even though some ticket sellers try to cover themselves by saying that spectators attend at their own risk, people who have been injured at the ballpark may still be able to make a claim. If an injury has clearly occurred because of the negligence of the stadium owner/manager, then contact a personal injury lawyer.


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