If you are an average homeowner then during the move you are likely to relocate around 3,350 kg, around 50 boxes for a 4-room house and uncountable number of hours for packing, loading, and unloading everything. Even the numbers seem to be overwhelming so how can you make everything go easier and smoother? We consulted several experts in the area to help you make up your mind and understand the basics of the process.

DIY vs. Hiring Pros

With no doubt, if you decide to move yourself you will spend less money, but with the help of professional movers your health and resources spent will be much smaller. So the choice is up to you, and here are some factors that will help you to make it.

First of all, professional movers Leduc advise to evaluate the scope of your move. If you are a teenager moving to new dorm then you may do it yourself, while moving a huge office or 4-bedroom house can be complicated.

Moving day

Secondly, evaluate your health and ability to withstand stress coupled with tight timing. If you are ready to spend several hours bending over boxes and carrying all items into the truck, then DIY option might be right for you.

Cost is also important. While the common sense tells you that moving yourself is cheaper practice shows that in case of the first and second moves the spends for DIY move and cooperation with pro movers are equal.

Lighten Your Load

Remember that almost every Okotoks moving company charges you by the distance and weight of your belongings, so the less you take, the less you pay. The general advice here is to get rid of everything you do not need and so save a bunch of money in future.

More precise advice is to pile all you belongings into ‘take’, ‘donate’, and ‘trash’ to simplify packing. When everything is divided into piles the volume of packing will be smaller and so you will pack faster. If some things are hard to put into one pile think whether you have used them over the past year. If yes, then keep them; no – throw them away or donate.

Save on Moving Supplies

And the final tip about moving is about the packing process. Be ready that new packing supplies may cost a lot so you need to collect them beforehand. Your basic needs include carton boxes, old newspaper, scissors, and tape to secure everything. Here are some tips from Edmonton moving company about getting cheaper or even free moving supplies.

  • Ask your mover for the used supplies. As a rule, movers have used boxes from their previous relocations which they cannot sell as the boxes are used but do not throw for some reasons. You can be that reason and get some of them for free.
  • Collect required supplies beforehand. It is very frustrating when you set the mood for packing and at some point lack tape or a box. Make sure to collect everything you need before you begin packing.


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