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5 Easy Ways to Bring Luxury to Your Living Space

Home & Family5 Easy Ways to Bring Luxury to Your Living Space

Contrary to popular misconception, luxury can be simple and even affordable. Luxury doesn’t have to mean “difficult to acquire and expensive,” although that is one of the accepted definitions. However, the primary definition is a “state of great comfort and extravagant living.” In fact, sometimes a piece of artwork that was received as a free gift can be the most luxurious item in a room. It’s not necessarily about cost, it’s more so about comfort and convenience, and those features can be added to a living space without breaking the bank or being part of some exclusive club. With that said, here are five ways you can bring luxury into your home with ease:

1. Upgrade Your Bedding

When you walk into a bedroom the most noticeable component is always the bed. Fortunately, with a simple bedding change you can drastically enhance this focal point in a way that makes your bed look like it’s worth ten time more than it was before the upgrade. For example, throw a 100 cotton duvet cover from Armoni over the bed, and voilà – you just saturated the entire room with a sense of luxury that can’t be overlooked.


2. Find Used Paintings and Artwork

They say one person’s trash is another’s treasure, and this is certainly true when it comes to paintings, pottery, posters, rugs, and other pieces of artwork. It’s easy to find excellent deals on gently used luxury items just browsing through yard sales, online auctions, and thrift stores. Also, you’ll find that many of these items were top of the line luxury products when they were brand new, yet they’re available for a tiny fraction of the original price.

3. Install New Flooring

Anyone with decent DIY skills can perform a flooring installation with the right tools and a bit of research. Furthermore, it’s possible to find great deals on surplus materials using classified ads and auction sites. Even if you buy the flooring new, there are laminate options that strongly resemble real hard wood yet cost much less. There are plenty of flooring styles that can fit within even the most restrictive budget, and this simple change can work wonders to revamp the look of a room.

4. Add an Armoire, Book Shelf, or Built-in Entertainment System

Now that your bedroom looks luxurious, the living room, den, and kitchen have been outfitted with new flooring, and you’ve adorned the place with gently used artwork and accessories, why not throw in an armoire, book shelf, or built-in entertainment system? Once again, these are items that can be obtained without spending an inordinate amount, yet they make a massive difference in any room, both aesthetically and functionally.

5. Consider Rent-to-Own Furniture

Finally, it’s no secret that luxurious furniture can be very expensive. However, if you have decent credit and proof of income, there are plenty of shops that will furnish your home in exchange for a nominal monthly payment. Having the option of paying for your furniture over time makes it possible to acquire pieces that you normally couldn’t afford to pay for upfront.

The Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

In closing, oftentimes it’s the little knickknacks that fill out a room and make a house into a home. Thus, incorporating family portraits, murals, and other artsy ornaments is a great way to complement all of the recommendations above.


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