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Seek lost pet, the most useful app of the year


Seek lost pet is a groundbreaking new app expanding daily. They are the people that encourage pets being returned to their rightful owners and you are the heros seeking these pets for distraught owners. With a twist you are not only helping the owner get their pal back but there is something extra in it for each and every seeker. Every time you see a lost pet stroling the streets just snap a quick photo tag the location you found the fella and if the owner sees you have found his or her pet then you (the seeker) will receive $10 from the owner. Simple as that! Happy owner and happy seeker!

By connecting with shelters, animal rescue groups, veterinary clinics, the public and of course the owners they are bulding and growing as a company within the animal rescue industry with one main goal, to reunite owners with their little bundles of joy. Using geolocation will make things easy for owners and rescues/shelters to find all animals roaming the streets, starving and missing the comforts of their owner.

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How many times do you just walk past a stray dog, cat or any other animal and think to yourself that animal looks lost, hungery, sad etc. but you dont know exactly what to do when you see such a thing? You could bring the animal to a shelter or put up a flyer, there are many options. But in this modern society most people have smart phones with easily accessable apps. So take that guilt of doing nothing and throw it out the window, with our app take one or two photos, upload them to seek lost pet, along with the pinpointed geolocation to help reunite that sad owner with their little family member. Not only will you be spreading job and kindness but you will benefit financially from the owner by doing this one little good deed that takes seconds out of your day.

Shelters and animal rescue services are working alongside us in a similar way, as not all animals are easily tracked, they have multiple organizations helping them search for your animals. With these resouces it will make it easy for them to find your pet using our golocation system if say someone posts a photo of your pet in a certain area close to a shelter or rescue service, they can then have them also automatically go look for your animal and contact the owner returning their pet.

One of its biggest features is the rewards system, bringing things back to the wild west in a way. The owner can set a reward for seekers to go out on a search around the city, if the seeker finds the animal then the owner has to give them a code to receive the reward of whatever they initailly offered. The reason we think this is an excelent service is because it prompts users to go out and actively try to help find owners pets and if you are the lucky person that stumbles upon a reward offering owner then all the better. We feel that with this system of search, find and reward it will prompt less homeless animals, pets being returned home quicker and happy people all round.

Using Seek lost pet will ensure many more pets will have the chance of being returned to their owners. Also working alongside rescues and shelters will decreasing the length of time some pets will have to spend in shelters, meaning a quick turnover for them and the pet owners. They are creating a community for pet lovers and creating bonds with these companies and the people. With this they are bringing custom to shelters, vets, rescue centres etc helping the large and local buisnesses thrive. This app is for the masses from the passer by to the big buissness shelters and such.

Reasons to download the app as an owner:

  • peace of mind that you know people and animal loving companies are out looking for your pet.
  • quick turnover of pets being returned
  • they will have a wide variety of people, shelters, vets etc out looking for your pets.

Reasons for downloading our app as a seeker:

  • you get the satisfaction of helping an owner get their pet back whilst making a bit of money.
  • The more lost pets you see, the more money you will make.

Reasons for downloading our app as a company:

  • we will be promoting your company on our website
  • it will make finding peoples lost animals that little bit easier for the company

Click here to go to the Seek Lost Pet website or to download Seek Lost Pet for Android or Seek Lost Pet for iOS.


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