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6 great tips to bring in the light in your home


The end of summer is looming and days are getting shorter. While we will soon have to say goodbye to afternoons in the sun and put away sun loungers and garden furniture, keep your vitamin D levels and your spirits up during the colder months to come by maximising the light in your home.

1. Lighten up the walls

Freshen up your interior for winter with light colours on the walls. Cream, white and pastel colours are great to maximise natural light and make spaces seem that much bigger. What’s more, pastel colours are having a bit of a moment and are right on trend so it’s easy to find the right inspiration. A good trick is to paint the ceilings in a lighter hue than the surrounding walls: it creates an optical effect that makes the room seems even larger without having to break the walls!

Table at the conservatory

2. A conservatory extension

If your home feels especially dark and gloomy in spite of all your efforts, a conservatory extension might be the only effective way to bring in more natural light. By adjoining a conservatory to a darker room, you’ll be turning the space into a more airy, usable surface, where you’ll be happy to lounge around all year-round. Conservatory extension work especially great adjoined to kitchens or living room.

3. The ideal window treatments

Remove any heavy draping and heavy types of shades in order to let in as much natural light as possible. If privacy is an issue, use translucent or light roller shades that will stylishly maintain privacy while letting in the light.

4. Mirror and reflective surfaces

Mirrors and reflective surfaces are also great to help you pump up levels of natural light in darker rooms with minimal effort involved. Hang decorative mirrors onto walls located in front of the windows for more impact. Shiny surfaces such as metal and laqué or acrylic furniture are super effective in lifting up the overall atmosphere of any given room. Those materials work especially well to add a luxurious vibe and wow factor to living-rooms and entrances.

5. Glass doors and panels

Glass doors and panels allow you to divide your living space without compromising on natural light. Translucent sliding doors bring modern appeal, while more traditional french doors are better suited to vintage or more traditional interiors.

6. And when natural light isn’t enough…

Depending on exposure or type of room, existing natural light might not be enough to make your space more vibrant and cheerful and you might require more work. You might have to choose from other options such as installing a skylight in the ceiling or strategically placed spotlights into the walls.


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