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Steam Cleaners vs. Vacuum Cleaners – Which is the Better Carpet Cleaner?

Home & FamilySteam Cleaners vs. Vacuum Cleaners – Which is the Better Carpet Cleaner?

Anyone on the search for a carpet cleaner in Melbourne will ultimately end up asking the question of which type of carpet cleaner is better – the steam cleaner or a standard vacuum cleaner. This article compares the two cleaners to help you make a more informed decision.

The Vacuum Cleaner

While the steam cleaner is still shrouded in mystery for many, the vast majority of us will know what a vacuum cleaner is. The fact of the matter is that vacuum cleaners have been around a lot longer, with manually operated bellow models used as early as the 19th century and motorised models hitting the market at the start of the 20th century.

For decades now, the vacuum cleaner has been seen as a compulsory household item – and with good cause. It is an excellent device for cleaning the surface of carpets, improving the look of any room tenfold. Due to its affordable price point and ease of use, a vacuum cleaner is still the most commonly used device by the average non-professional household carpet cleaner in Melbourne. However, while it’s good at removing surface dirt from carpets, it is never going to be able to provide the deep clean that a steam cleaner can.

The Steam Cleaner

Also known as a carpet washer, deep carpet cleaner or rug shampooer, the steam cleaner is often similar in appearance to a vacuum cleaner – but don’t let the facade fool you. These machines are capable of removing stains made by coffee, foot traffic, spills, pet messes and much more in a way which vacuum cleaners cannot.

The main difference between these machines is that steam cleaners require water in order to run, and they work by pumping steam deep down into the carpet pile and sucking the moisture and dirt back out into a tank. These machines are often used in conjunction with a range of specialised chemicals and carpet cleaning products, making them ideal for removing stubborn stains that can’t be removed by other conventional methods such as scrubbing, vacuuming or using spray-on stain removers.

Steam cleaner

Any professional carpet cleaner in Melbourne will be able to attest to the superior cleaning power of the steam cleaner, and you’re more likely to find this machine in the arsenal of most cleaning companies.

And the Winner Is…

In the battle for carpet cleaning supremacy, the steam cleaner clearly has the upper edge. However, while it’s able to clean deeper and remove stubborn stains, this doesn’t mean the humble household vacuum cleaner has to become redundant – quite the contrary! Vacuum cleaners are fantastic for everyday use and will do a great job of keeping the surface of your floors clean by removing loose dirt.

When it comes to carpet cleaners, Melbourne households have no shortage of options, but using both cleaning methods is a great solution. Use a vacuum cleaner at least weekly, and when your carpets need a really good clean, call the experts in and enjoy a thorough floor clean with a steam cleaner.


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