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Should You Get Meals and Snacks Through the Mail?


Today’s households often deal with a perpetual shortage of time, so eating healthily is something that often falls by the wayside. Instead of eating the nutritious meal a person had planned to consume, he or she might end up going through the McDonald’s drive-through instead. The urge to do that is often particularly strong if the person is relatively active compared to their peers. They might say, “Well, I did an especially intensive workout at the gym tonight, so it won’t hurt to get a Big Mac just this once.”

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Unfortunately though, what was initially intended to be “just this once” often turns into a much more frequent practice. If this sounds familiar, consider signing up for one of the many snack subscription boxes, or even a service that delivers entire meals through the mail. Before taking that route, there are numerous things to think about.

Whether the Subscription Service Caters to Your Diet

Diets are becoming increasingly diverse. Some people are under physicians’ orders to eat in particular ways, and others just decide to abide by strict diets for personal reasons. If that’s the case for you, make sure the subscription box you’re thinking about getting has food choices that fit within your dietary restrictions.

If the Service is Financially Feasible

While looking at the pricing schemes for some meal delivery services, you may find yourself wondering if what you’d get is really worth the price. If the cost is a big concern, see if the service offers a free trial. That way, you can evaluate the cost versus the benefit and see if it’s worthwhile.
Also, figure out your monthly food budget. If you don’t already do that regularly, you’ll probably end up feeling surprised at how much of your income goes towards food.

Of course, food is a necessary expense, but if you’re regularly eating out a lot or indulging in junk food, there’s a strong possibility you’re spending a lot more than necessary on food. After tallying your approximate monthly food budget, try mentally replacing some of the items you usually buy with the meal box subscription expense and seeing if the cost is comparable in both cases.

Whether You’re Home at the Proper Times

If you subscribe to a meal delivery service, the items will probably arrive at your doorstep specially packaged to protect perishable contents. Even so, such a service may not be practical if you work long hours and are hardly ever at home during or shortly after the times your delivery should arrive.

Be sure to get the specifics by finding out when your delivery driver is likely to come. If you’re not able to arrange your schedule so you can accept the food before it spoils, consider checking with a neighbor to see if they could keep the food until you arrive at home. Alternatively, think about putting a cooler outside on your porch and directing the delivery person to put the food inside of it.

The Reasons Why a Meal Delivery Service is So Compelling

Stop and ponder why you’ve become so interested in potentially subscribing to a meal service. Is it because you don’t have enough time? Do you lack the skills you feel are necessary for cooking healthy and delicious meals? If your reasons stem from either of those particularly common shortcomings, remember there are fantastic online resources for people who lack time and skills.

The HamptonCreek Facebook page is an excellent example. That’s because the Hampton Creek company offers ways for people to eat well without hassles. Part of that mission involves publishing short and fun videos that encourage viewers to try new recipes in their own kitchens.

Maybe you’ve never learned foundational cooking skills, or just think cooking is a skill you’ll never master. In either of those cases, a serving of self-confidence may be all that’s needed to prove your doubts wrong. Take a look at the Hampton Creek videos and see if some of them strike your fancy, thereby making you excited about getting in the kitchen to give them a go.

Hopefully, you now feel more aware of the things to ask yourself before signing up for a meal or snack delivery service. Although they’re undoubtedly convenient, you may find they’re not smart additions to your life.


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