Having a bar right below your apartment is a luxury that not every person can afford. This is why you have an empty basement in your home and it is haunted then the time to create the best bar in the city has come. Below we prepared four main tips that will help you design a perfect bar in your basement.


As you might have seen, people spill everything they can in bars. This is why professional basements contractor Guy Solomon advises to have special bar molding that will protect your floors from spills and also provide perfect arm resting space for your guests. Depending on your style preferences, you will be able to get different kinds of wood for this purpose.

Basement bar


Remember that bar is a place where alcohol never ends. This is why counting on some mini-fridge is useless. You need to install a full-sized refrigerator at least for beer. Make sure that you have good freezer there because all cocktails are based on ice. If you have some spare money you can also opt for special bar chilling station which will create the required temperature for every drink separately so that will have the right drinks temperature regardless of their type.


Unfortunately, natural light is a huge problem in basement. But as you are creating a bar it will work for you. With the help of properly installed artificial light you will be able to design good atmosphere that will create the right mood. You can look for fluorescent lamps for the bartender place as well as for the counter.

If you want to create some mysterious sleek glow, you can get LED-strip kits that are pretty cheap to buy and do not use much energy. They are also flexible so can be put in every corner you need.


And the final most important part of a bar is back bar, which is situated behind the bartender’s place, where you will be standing when serving drinks. Do not forget about this important attribute of a home basement bar. According to Guy Solomon, you can make it look stunning if you plan to ‘serve’ all possible kinds of alcohol or have a collection of some alcohol bottles to demonstrate. Put all alcohol or your collection behind your back to create a perfect feeling of a real bar.

Keep in mind that back bar will also need to have a keg for serving fresh beer. Keep in mind that you also need some place to store snacks and food. Think about the small kitchen or at least a microwave to heat the food.

The back bar should also have some sink, because it will be a torture cleaning all the glasses upstairs and then bringing them back downstairs. Think about supplying your bar with a sink as well as some drying station.

If you follow these four simple tips you can be sure that your home bar will be stunning and functional!


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