Moving from one location to another can be a huge ordeal. You have to either sell or get out of a rental agreement for your previous home, then you have to pack up and move all of your belongings, which can be extremely strenuous. And that’s not even the half of it!

Once you’re out of your old housing, it’s now time to get everything settled in your new home. Because this step is at the tail end of the whole process, things can often get missed or overlooked. So to help you out, whether you just haven’t moved in a while or you’re a first-time home buyer, here are three things to do when you’re preparing to move into a new home.

Research How You Want to Change the Locks

If you’re not moving into a newly constructed home, you’re likely going to want to change the locks on all the exterior doors of your new home. With an untold number of previous owners, you have no way of knowing who or how many other people have a key to get into this house, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.


While you can change the locks on your own, Courtney Craig, a contributor to, shares that you can also hire a locksmith to take care of making the replacements for you. While hiring a locksmith will be more expensive than doing it on your own, the locksmith will be able to make sure everything was done right and that your doors are as secure as possible with your new locks.

Do Any Necessary Painting

When you move into a new home, part of the fun is being able to take a space and make it your own, and that includes painting the walls the color of your choice. However, once you’ve moved all your stuff into the house, painting becomes a lot more difficult. To make things easier on yourself, try to paint all the rooms you need redone before you move in. If you aren’t sure about colors yet, Bud Dietrich, a contributor to, recommends picking one neutral color for each room so you can have something simple to work with.

Update Your Contact Information

For almost every aspect of your life, you have to have some sort of contact information. Whether it’s for your kids at school, your online shipping address, your bills and more, you’re going to have a lot of places where you need to update your contact information once your move has been made. To make this easier in your personal life, Trent Hamm of recommends sending out an update to everyone you send a Christmas card to so you can get all your information updated at the same time and don’t have to worry about it later on.

By following the advice mentioned above, you can seamlessly move from one home to another without worrying about too many things falling through the cracks.


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