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How to renew your kitchen


The kitchen is gaining weight in the house in the last years as key spot in the house, rivaling  the dining room and replacing it as family meeting point.

Unlike old kitchen, the new one is not longer hide at the end of the hallway, but now is in the best area of the house, open to the saloon and offering clean spaces. So, maybe it’s time to rethink your kitchen and make some changes.

Cabinets than double the space.

This is one of the most effective changes to renew the kitchen. If you like your actual design or you have not much space to new ones, just change the cabinets to have new spaces and even new usages. I.e.: the ironing board can now be hidden in a drawer or your cabinets can have new hardware as sliding doors.

The main advantage of this operation is that needs no construction skills and can be done by everybody (well… you know: almost everybody).

If you have standard cabinets, you can change only the front side. You can also change just shooters and install others in different style, making sure they fit in existing holes.


If you’re bored with the look of your kitchen, it’s time to give it a change. And a very simple way to do this is to use vinyl stickers. Its main advantages: are simple to install, are resistant to moisture and easy to clean. And, best of all, you get a great transformation of the kitchen for little money and with no professional works! In DIY stores and decoration you can find a myriad of designs and acrylic sheet cut-to-size. So choose the one that best suits your style and enjoy creating!

You have two main options to transform your kitchen with vinyl: apply on furniture or on appliances. You can also do it on the tiles, but is somewhat more complicated, and if they also have relief, better choose another way to change (with special paint, for example). And try not to lose your head: vinyl in three places at once, better not. Remember: in decor, less is usually always more.

Tiles and floors.

If you feel yourself strong enough, is time to change tiles and floors. Here come the construction workers and you know what it means: be sure you need that change and make backup plans for unsuspected circumstances.

The walls and floor give personality to your kitchen, so when choosing them, you have to consider the whole decor of this room, as being one of the most effective reforms, and although they are not forever, is one of the reforms it’ll take longer to perform again.


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