Bathroom trends for 2016

If you own an older home or bought one recently, then you might have one common problem that came from the 1950s through the 1980s, and that’s an ugly bathroom. Besides being ugly, an older home can have its own problems that might be dangerous.

If you don’t know what these eras of bathrooms had, well let’s just go over the most problematic areas being the pink dilemma where the pink toilet matched the pink sink, or it could be you have seen the bold out of place orange or celery green laminated countertops. During this time, they also thought it was a good idea to have carpeting in the bathroom not considering the mold and mildew built up from wet feet getting out of the shower. There were also the horrible floral designs on the walls along with tiles that look out of place.

If you are one of the persons who have a bathroom like this, then you will want to update your bathroom and bring your bathroom with today’s modern unique stylish trends which we will be covering today. Let’s get started!

Top Trends this 2016

1. Structured Functionality

Thanks to trending focus on spatial planning we should see bathrooms incorporate structured functionality within this space to give a clean and practical look. Clutter can ruin a bathrooms looks so Compaq practical storage will hide what is not needed as cabinets are designed to be efficient and horizontal.

2. Post Modern

For this 2016 this bathroom design flows with simplistic bathroom décor showcases the elements of the bathroom with a mix of balanced neutral colors and tones. Free standing tubs and sinks have become extremely popular as it gives the bathroom a clean pop look. A glass vessel sink or a glass tub for your bathroom have also become stylish additions.

3. Ambience

Since we do take time in the bathroom to get ready for our day and sometimes to unwind by taking a long soak a new trend has sparked an ambience look and feel. Our bathroom may be a quiet peaceful place inside our homes, and the bathrooms can be structured in the like. This can be achieved with mood lighting and prominent cabinetry that make you feel like you woke up in paradise.

4. Industrial

This theme has been picking up more and more and there are a lot of industrial inspired bathrooms that are trending this 2016. This look entails plain or smooth concrete walls that could give a brilliant light to other simplistic textures like wood and steel to infuse with this style.

5. Eco-Friendly Green

This trend was born in 2015 but is still going strong into 2016. Being able to give your bathroom a naturalistic vibes with simple colors, and natural materials give the feeling you’re embracing nature. Feel free to have plenty of live plants in your bathroom as it will help improve the air quality inside your home and affects our moods because plants increase oxygen.


You may be considering remodeling your bathroom because it was designed in a different era, or you may just want to remodel your bathroom to give it a new feel. Whatever your reason you want to change the bathroom, you can rest assured that there are plenty of options to choose from in new styles.

Whether you do these projects yourself, or you hire a contractor, be sure to sit down and plan out the steps you take, be safe, and your hard work and ideas will pay off to give you a newly designed bathroom.


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