Being a mom is like being a general. An entire army is depending on your direction to execute the mission. You need to have all the proper tools ready at any given moment to make sure that you achieve the task at hand. Tactics may need to change, new obstacles may arise, but mom will always be prepared.

Behind every super mom is her arsenal of survival tools. With these tools, any super mom can provide what she needs for her tiny army. Take a look at these mom must haves and if you don’t have them yet, you might just want to consider them.

Target Card

*Insert violin chords here* A Target Card is one of the best tools a mom can have. From providing 5% discount on every purchase, to free online deliveries, stock up on everything with this card.

Need clothes? Target. A new garden hose? Target. Vodka and new wallpaper? Target. This is the best location to buy everything in one place. The convenience is unmatched.

If you are trying to build your credit, getting a Target card is a great way to start. Apply online to see if you qualify!


Baby Wipes

Any mom knows that at any given time one of your children is going to be leaking out of at least one of their orifices. If “mom” had a job description, it would read something like: “Must be ok with puke and poop. Lots of puke and poop. No really, like a lot. Inquire within.”

Baby wipes are one of the greatest inventions since the diaper and thank goodness they were both invented because one wouldn’t be good without the other. Baby wipes can be stored anywhere from your glove compartment to your purse, to every surface within your reach in your home.

They don’t need to be washed, they clean up everything from hands to butts, and they can even be used for smeared mascara under your eyes when you wake up in the morning because you were too tired to wash your face the night before.


Snacks! Carry a variety of snacks on your at all times. Try keeping a lunchbox in the car of items that don’t require refrigeration such as juice boxes, fruit snacks, or apples.

You never know when one of your children could have a low blood sugar meltdown, so keep that lunch box handy!

Camera Phone

You never know when one of your children is going to do the cutest thing they’ve ever done before. Even cuter than the last cute thing they did. A phone that doubles as a camera is the only way to go in this modern age.

Keep your phone handy at any moment to be sure you grab that snapshot of a lifetime.


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