If you’ve just made the decision to decorate your home it’s likely that your head is already filled with dozens of color palettes, a myriad of mood boards, and plenty of plans for where particular items of furniture, and personal effects, are going to go; a little like a kid in a sweetshop, there’s a chance you’re somewhat buzzing right about now. However, if it’s the family home you’ll shortly be rejuvenating you may want to stop and think for a moment. You see, while single adults, groups of friends, and couples tend to decorate in a way that suits their lifestyle and tastes parents must approach the task with several other factors in mind.

Top tips for decorating your home

While the Internet is filled with decorating tips and ways to create a space that will reflect your personality, styling a family home is somewhat different; you’ll have not one, but three or four personalities to consider, numerous opinions to cater for, and plenty of growing to do – not only literally, but figuratively. Now is a time for your home to be as functional as it is stylish, and for you to create a space that will comfort, nurture, and echo your family’s deepest desires and personalities. Family homes should be lived in, and loved; here are just a few tips for achieving that goal…

Consider safety for children

Before you remove the lid from that tin of paint, or painstakingly create that room plan, stop; is your vision of a new home child-friendly? You see, while it can be incredibly tempting to decorate a home with a myriad of personal effects, including ornaments and trinkets, and to furnish rooms with shabby chic and vintage items, such accessories are seldom ideal when it comes to curious fingers, rough play, and upcoming artists. If you do want to display breakables be sure to use sturdy, high shelving units, and protect delicate or dangerous items of furniture with stair gates or closed doors until your children are old enough to treat such objects with the respect they deserve.


Keep rooms light and bright

Yes, it’s tempting to attack walls with color, and windows with patterned fabrics – especially when kids are concerned – but how practical is that method of decorating really? Children grow up incredibly quickly, and you may soon find that you’re decorating more often than you’d like, particularly when it comes to that nursery/toddler room/teenage hideout. Less certainly is more when it comes to the family home; keep spaces simple with feature walls and warm, neutral colors schemes, and allow your individual personalities to emerge via accessories, decals, or borders. Now may also be the perfect time to think about adding decorative wooden shutters to your home’s living spaces, stylishly controlling the flow of light entering your home and helping to keep it warm in the winter, yet cool during the warmer summer months. Light, bright, and airy abodes tend to feel far bigger, and more attractive, after all. Cluttered homes are rarely functional; family homes must be adaptable, and allow for the changes that are going to be taking place there over the ensuing years.

Be mindful of your budget

Now more than ever is a time to be mindful of your budget; families rarely have limitless budgets with which to decorate their homes, and so it’s important to prioritize. Does your home comfortably accommodate your family and appeal to your senses of style and taste? Does the space allow you to be yourselves, to go about your family activities, and live safely together? Decorating with a budget in mind allows families to be a little more creative in terms of the ideas they execute, and you may find yourself browsing second hand stores, making mood boards, and shopping online for those must-have items, rather than throwing cash at the first thing you see. Who says that budgeting has to be boring?

Your family home should be a place of happiness and love; a property in which memories are made, bonds forged, and fun had. While decorating often becomes a big part of creating a family home, careful considerations must be given to the type of environment you’re creating for your children, and for the adults that reside there too. Is your home safe and comfortable? Does it allow for expression of every member of the household? Is it a work in progress that you can build as a family? If so, then your home sounds perfect to us.


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