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Five Ways To Make Your Yard A Safer Place

Home & FamilyFive Ways To Make Your Yard A Safer Place

Just like you need to worry about safety inside the home, for kids and adults, it’s also important to create a safe atmosphere in the outdoors. Dangers lurk outside for people of all ages, but there are things that you can do to make your yard a safer and more comfortable place for all.

If you have children it can be even more important to ensure that your yard is an extremely safe space. If you don’t normally spend a lot of time in your yard but are having company or a one time outdoor party you may still want to consider the following things.

Practice Pool Safety

If you have a pool in your yard, and you have children, pool safety is extremely important. You should have some kind of rescue devices on hand, like floatable or a rescue stick you can reach in with to help anyone drowning.

You should also have some rules set in place, for children of all ages (including the adults). Diving into a pool can risk head, neck, and spine injuries. Running around a pool can risk slipping and falling.


Fix Railings

If you have stair railings or porch railings outside you need to make sure that they are secure. The point of a railing is to give someone something to hold onto as they walk up the stairs, or a spot to lean that keeps you on the porch. If these railings are loose you risk accidents.

Use A Lawn Roller

If you have lumps and holes in your lawn anyone walking or running through your yard risks, at a minimum, a twisted ankle. You can use fillers to fill in holes that can’t simply be evened out. Or, you can get old fashioned with a large lawn roller that can be attached to the back of your lawn mower or a tractor. This is made of heavy metal that helps even and flatten your lawn (especially good when dealing with moles).

Watch For Poisonous Plants

If you have little ones or pets, you want to know what plants might be poisonous in your yard, and get rid of them. Also, it’s important to know what poison ivy looks like, and get rid of it. While it might not affect pets, they can bring it into you, and when you pet them, you just might end up with a painful rash.

Fill The Sidewalk

If the path to your house has cracks or raised spots that can cause tripping, you need to take care of it. It’s a liability that can get you sued in case of an accident, just like an icy path. If the sidewalk by the road has these issues you should find out from your city who is responsible for those repairs as well.


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