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Tips for Reducing your Car Insurance Premium


Shopping around for your car insurance premium is essential to getting the best rates. Often people tend to just accept the quote given to them by their current provider to avoid the hassle of shopping around for another. With premiums on the rise, and few people shopping around for the best quotes, many people are missing out on the best deals. Here are the top tips for reducing your car insurance premiums today:

  1. Shop Around

When you compare like for like car insurance cover, you’ll be able to find some polices which are much cheaper than others. Sometimes if you want to stay with your current provider, sharing with them a deal you’ve found elsewhere on the exact same policy can make them reduce their quote, so don’t be afraid to try and barter with them to get the best deals.

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  1. Only Add Essential Drivers

Adding other drivers to your policy instantly boosts costs so it’s important to carefully consider the additional drivers that you add to your policy. Adding young drivers is by far the most costly as they don’t have a big no-claims bonus. If you have additionally drivers who may only driver the car occasionally, paying for those one-off occasions separately could prove to be more cost effective than permanently adding them to your policy.

  1. Think About where you Park your Car

People who park their cars in garages pay much less on their car insurance premiums than those who park on the street. With this in mind, if you have a garage that’s full of clutter, it could be beneficial for you to clear it out and start parking your car there to cut your costs. First Response covers lots of the car insurance myths that people say reduce their premiums on their website so check them out for more advice on where to park.

  1. Consider a Black Box

The black box policies, where an insurer installs a black box to monitor your driving, can really impact on the price of your premium. Contrary to popular belief, a black box doesn’t impact on your driving habits too much, especially if you’re a law abiding driver that sticks to the speed limit. These tend to be most effective in reducing premiums for young drivers whose insurance quotes can be extremely high.

With all these easy ways to reduce your car insurance premiums, bear this in mind when it comes to renewing your policy and see how much you can save.


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