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4 Best Inventions That Made Moms Lives Easier


Every now and then an invention comes along that makes life as we know it forever easier. Without our favorite little gadgets and products, we couldn’t possibly get by with as much ease and convenience.

Every mom has her favorite items that she simply couldn’t carry on without. If for any reason they aren’t available in her arsenal of supplies she knows that total meltdowns are not far off into the future.

Take a look at some of these mom favorites moms turn to regularly that make life as a mom at least 100% easier.


Sometimes you aren’t in your kitchen. Sometimes you are stuck in traffic in a minivan full of screaming children who are crying and screaming that they’re “starving.” Instead of pressing the brakes as hard as possible, coming to a grinding screech and giving them a speech about the country of Haiti, take a deep breath instead.


Unless you’re driving around in an RV you aren’t going to be able to prepare or cook anything. In comes the snack bag. Mom’s trusty bag full of non-perishable yumminess that’s sure to kick that blood sugar back into high gear in no time.

Seasoned mom’s carry fruit snacks, granola bars, and dried fruit. For your younger ones, carry squeezable snack pouches full of vegetables and fruits.


An iPad makes things possible that weren’t possible before. Like quiet dinners in public. Traffic jams. Or family vacations when you want your kids to go to bed earlier than you so you can enjoy an evening cocktail.

From games to streaming, the iPad makes it just a little more possible for a busy mom to get a minute to herself. It’s also reassuring to know that it has customizable restrictions so your little ones can’t get into too much trouble.

Stain Pens

Stain pens are up there with electricity as far as being one of the greatest developments of the 21st century. From jam to mud, all it takes is a simple swipe with a magic stain pen to take care of any stain on the go.


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