When the holidays roll around, it’s fun to think of fun activities that you can do with the entire family. Christmas crafts are a great way to get the kids excited and simultaneously enjoy some quality time together, enjoying that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with the holidays.

Making crafts doesn’t have to mean being the most outrageous Pinterest parent ever, with a loyalty card to the Hobby Lobby and a huge box of pom poms, glitter, and every sharpie color ever.

Making crafts with your kids can be a completely non-crafty parent activity too. At the end of the day, it’s not about what you actually create, but instead, about coming together and bonding while taking part in a fun activity together.

Don’t stress about it! Take a look at some of these painless and skill-free crafts you can do with your little ones.

Make Garland Out of “Ordinary” Objects

Hanging garland around the tree is one of the most “Christmasy” things you can do. It’s a ritual, and let’s face it, a tree just doesn’t look right without it.

Try making a fun craft by grabbing ordinary objects and stringing them together to form a DIY garland. You can grab everything from popcorn to buttons, or even use a washer you find in the tool box. Feel free to get creative and use whatever can fit on a string!

Create Paper Snowflakes

Don’t panic over this one! Simply fold a white paper in halves, and start cutting. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The idea is to laugh at whatever you come up with. And if your design comes out looking like a real Macy’s window decoration, all the better!

After finishing, you can hang them up in the windows. Your child will get excited to see their work displayed to onlookers walking past the house.

Make Christmas Cookies

The best thing about living in America, besides it being a free country and all, is ready to bake sugar cookies. How wonderful is it to simply take it out of the tube, slice it up, put it in the oven, and you’ve just made your kids’ jaws drop with amazement at your artistic creation.

For older kids who aren’t as easily fooled, try a simple sugar cookie recipe and throw on some frosting decorations.

Decorate Christmas Stockings

Decorating stockings is a fun way to create an individual stocking for each family member that reflects their personality If dad likes fishing, perhaps sew on some rubber worms or fishing hooks. For the baseball fan in the family, try hot gluing a baseball card or two on there.

There’s really no limit as long as you have a hot glue gun and some needle and thread! Have fun with this one!


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