The tgoma game system has paired with a leading trampoline manufacturer to create the world’s first smart trampoline, successfully merging fitness and fun like never before. According to the Childhood Obesity Foundation, obesity increased in children ages 2-17 from 15% to 26% between 1976 and 2004 and the numbers are even more dismal for children ages 12-17, whose rate of obesity increased from 14% to 29%. Inactivity has played a major part in this increase. As parents, it is such a challenge to tear the kids away from their technology and get them moving, but luckily there is now an option that leverages screen time technology instead of fighting it.

Trampoline with net

One of the most interesting things about Springfree trampolines featuring tgoma is that you can track your score and compare it with friends, family members, and jumpers all over the world. There are even events you can virtually participate in, which promotes healthy competition and keeps kids jumping. This not only will encourage kids to get physical, but it will also encourage adults to get moving. It is really motivating to be able to track and actually see your fitness progress on the screen thanks to the easy to use tgomaFit feature.

Springfree Trampoline takes safety very seriously; after all, the company was founded by a concerned father and mechanical engineer who wanted to ensure safe and fun play for his own family. The Canada Safety Council states that one of the major causes of injuries on trampolines occur when jumpers fall on the springs. The springs are normally very close to jumpers and it is very east to fall on them and suffer from pinched or lacerated skin. Instead of springs, Springfree uses flexible composite rods positioned under the trampoline so the jumper never comes into contact with them. This significantly reduces the chances of injury, as the metal frame (another common injury culprit) is also hidden below the structure itself.

Spring-based trampolines use rigid poles in their net enclosures, but the new standard being set is to use flexible poles and a stronger mesh for trampolines with net enclosures. Springfree’s FlexiNet uses the same composite material in its net enclosure poles offering rods that bend to accommodate weight and force rather than steel poles that can further cause injury. Add a shock-absorbent SoftEdge mat and you have 360 degrees of safe bouncing.

In order to get the safest trampoline possible that truly puts your children’s health and safety first, it is important to purchase a brand that does not outsource the construction of their parts. Trampolines constructed and tested in one place are guaranteed to be safer as each model undergoes the same rigorous quality assurance testing. When shopping for the right trampoline, you should look for a trampoline that meets or exceeds industry standards. A great way to do that is to make sure whatever trampoline you buy is backed by one or more industry awards, such as The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, The US Family Choice Award, as well as the International Design Award.


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