As a single parent, your job is hard enough. You don’t need a lack of financial support from your ex-partner making the task of raising your children any harder. Unfortunately, you have to deal with partial or completely delinquent payments. You wouldn’t be alone. In fact, approximately only 45% of custodial parents receive the correct payments when they’re due. For the remaining 55%, you have to rely on an understaffed and underfunded government department to help you track down payments. Inevitably these overworked offices may hit a wall, limiting the extent of their assistance. When public avenues have yet to connect you with the money you’re owed, supplement government help with the assistance provided by private child support enforcement agencies. You can rely on them when you have nowhere else to turn to.

Tracking Down The Other Parent AKA The NCP

NCP, standing for Non-Custodial Parent, may prove difficult to locate, let alone convince to pay their outstanding support. While the Internet, full of Social Media check-ins, makes it easier to track down an individual than ever before, the process of finding NCPs still requires time, effort, and resources that your local government department may not have. A private agency, on the other hand, comes equipped with enough resources to back a team of lawyers, investigators, and enforcers committed to the cause. The crew of support specialists at an agency like Support Collectors, for example can track down NCPs and negotiate terms at a higher rate of success. Past customers have reviewed their services, all of which you can read at, proving their methods deliver on results.

Handling The Cost By Choosing Experienced & Ethical Agencies

Of course, their services do come with a price tag, but it’s a manageable one even as a single parent. That’s because the bright mind behind Support Collectors was once in your position. Her experience as a single parent attempting to get support from her NCP has influenced the way she created the business. As a result, payment for private services isn’t necessary until the team of specialists have obtained the overdue support. Contracts are free from ambiguous or unnecessary charges, like case development and application fees. Their membership with the trade association, Child Support Enforcement Council, is just another way to ensure they follow a strict code of ethics that favors you, the single parent.

If you’ve waited too long for critical support in raising your children, it’s time to contact an experienced and ethical private enforcement agency. They work without demanding you close your case file with the government, which means your situation gets as much attention as it demands. With the addition of their personalized, case-by-case consideration, private enforcement specialists and lawyers will have a better chance at connecting you with the money you need.


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