I wanted to provide a first hand document of buying a car online and my best tips, so here it is!

If, like me, you’d prefer to avoid setting foot in a car dealership to buy a vehicle, then it might be time for you to head online. According to an Accenture survey of 10,000 people, 69% of people stated that they would consider buying a new car online, or already have done so. This shows that buying online is becoming more commonplace, even for big purchases like a car.

I thought I’d share my experience of buying a car online for my fellow 50+ year olds who may not necessarily trust using the internet for their purchases.


I had a rough idea of my budget and what car I wanted – something with enough room for the whole family and with four wheel-drive.

I decided to use AutoTrader to begin my search and landed on their Saxton 4×4 page. From there, there was a search function for me to input the criteria of what kind of car I wanted, which was very user-friendly and simple to use.

I selected the make of car I preferred, fuel type, price range and mileage. With over 500 cars for sale on the Saxton 4×4 page, I was able to leisurely scroll through the options without feeling pressured by a car salesman in a showroom.

Choosing the Car

I was impressed by the level of detail in the car descriptions and by the range of photos that were available for each of the vehicles.

There was a section with reviews from previous AutoTrader website users, as well as helpful reviews by the owners of individual vehicles who rated their vehicle for practicality, reliability, running cost and how it drives. It was particularly helpful to get honest reviews of cars from people who drive them every day – much better than taking in lots of confusing jargon from a salesman.

I had enough information to make a well-informed decision and felt more comfortable with buying on the internet. Once I’d picked my car, the Saxton website gave me options to enquire about the vehicle, request videos of it and book a test drive with the click of a button.

Overall Experience

The experience of buying a car on the internet was not as daunting as I thought it would be and in fact, the entire process was quick and easy. I particularly liked being able to browse at my own pace and read user reviews to help me make an informed decision – an important factor when you’re spending a chunk of your hard-earned money.

I was happy with AutoTrader’s easy to navigate and helpful website and also with Saxton’s performance when buying my car. Overall, I would recommend using the AutoTrader site to my fellow 50connectors!


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