Self-storage is an incredibly popular option for those looking for cheap short and long term accommodation for their possessions. People can dismiss the idea of using self-storage due to the mind-set of thinking it’s expensive or in a hard to reach location. Self-storage can be ultimate absolution for many home and business owners for all sorts of reasons. There are a number of reputable companies offering self-storage, so why not consider what keeping your goods in a storage room can offer you?

Self-storage offers you legal respite

Unfortunately we often have complication when it comes to the ownership of our items and there are plenty of legal battles that occur every day all around the country in relation to household items. If there is a dispute over a deceased person’s estate or over items by those going through a divorce, self-storage is an ideal place to keep items in a safe place until any disputed have been resolved.

Feng Shui opportunities

The majority of us seem to collect more clutter and things than we need to have in our homes 24/7. Why not use self-storage as a great way to save some space in your home. Similarly if you have seasonal items, items you’re looking to sell or need to keep your stuff safe while you go off travelling, why not store them? Self-storage offers you the ability to de-clutter and enjoy the space you have available in your home to the fullest.

Added security

If you’re going on holiday or will be travelling for a period of time, unless you have a house sitter there will be periods of time that opens up your belongings to the possibility of theft. Thieves are skilled in figuring out when homes are most vulnerable and when people are on holiday so safe storage will be a great way to protect your belongings and offer you peace of mind.

Self-storage is cheap

The price of self-storage does vary from location and the company you are looking to choose. However, if you compare retail rental prices and those of a self-storage unit, there is certainly a massive difference.

Self-storage could make you money

Your spare space at home is worth more than a self-storage unit so putting the contents of a room into self-storage could earn you extra income if you rent the room. Similarly, you can run a business from a self-storage unit. Thousands of business owners work from self-storage units or use them to store goods such as paintings or antiques ready to sell at a moment’s notice.

Save on stress

If you’ve ever organised a house move, house clearance or office relocation, you will know how stressful the experience can be. By investing in self-storage as an in-between you will immediately see the health benefits of the stress being taken away from dealing with coordinating furniture relocation.


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