The best deal on what, you may ask? Well, pretty much anything. There are tricks and shortcuts you can use to get almost anything you want for a great price. All you need is knowledge, patience and initiative:

Shop around

Never buy anything for the first price you find. No matter how much the salesperson or the website might tell you ‘you won’t get a better deal anywhere else’ you should always take their words with a grain of salt. There are a lot of companies out there that have exactly what you want, but you won’t know that until you look for them. Besides, looking around won’t do any harm. That offer will probably still be there in ten minutes time, so don’t be afraid to walk away for now. A great place to start looking for better deals is on price comparison websites. Many websites can provide you with quotes for a range of different products and services and tell you exactly where to get the best deals for them. It’s all free and you can get results almost instantly.

Stock up on vouchers and codes

Vouchers and codes are always available, and yet so few people go looking for them. A search online will give you lots of results. Codes for online shops can usually be found for free and can get you free delivery and discounts. Vouchers, on the other hand, can be used to get you luxury services and products that are normally outside of your budget. You can get excellent discounts on holidays, cosmetic treatments and therapies, and all sorts of entertainment and leisure activities. So, if you’re looking to cut a little bit of cost or maybe try something new for a much more reasonable price, then get yourself online and find some discounts.

Don’t be afraid to haggle

There are obviously some things that you can’t negotiate. If you walk into a designer shop and offer £15 for a £200 pair of shoes, you’re most likely going to be laughed at and escorted off the premises. However, there are a surprising amount of things that you can haggle for, and if you can then you should. Houses, cars, hotels and repair services can often be haggled for and if you do your research beforehand and listen to the person you’re haggling with you should be able to be able to negotiate a price to agree on. The key is being confident, not stubborn, and picking up on cues to know exactly how low the other person is willing to go.

Buy Off season

A lot of shops discount strategically to maximise their profits during certain time of year. Christmas, for example, is a time where most shops advertise discounts. But, that doesn’t mean that those are the best discounts of the year. In fact, you may find that it isn’t until after Christmas that the real discounting starts. Seasonal products as well are heavily discounted after the time of peak demand. Winter coats will be 80% off in May and shops will be desperate to give away their summer products when September rolls in. So, buy your seasonal products a year in advance and get the best deals for them.


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