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Great Meal Ideas for Using Up Leftovers


Food waste is a huge problem. While we may try to plan out our meals and make sure we only buy what we need, the occasional leftovers cannot be avoided. However, they need not go to waste. There are some amazing meals you can plan to use them up.


You can put anything on a pizza. From interesting combinations, such as pear and prosciutto, to the classics like ham and pineapple, or the good old mighty meaty. Whatever your leftovers are, veg, fruit or meat, you can put it on a pizza. Pizza also has the great advantage of being a favorite for the whole family, kids absolutely love them. Even better if you have got your own pizza oven, and can make gorgeous fresh pizzas whenever you want. Consider getting your own from Fontana Forni USA and start working on some exciting topping ideas.


Curry is a great option for using up leftovers. Again, meat, vegetables, fruit or even potatoes can make a brilliant addition to a curry. If you want to brave making your own sauce, it gives you a lot more options when it comes to flavors. However, if you don’t, jarred sauces are now a fantastic quality and cheap to buy.


The ultimate leftover meal! There’s nothing easier than putting your leftover meat into a sandwich. Add salad, cheese or some pickles and chutneys to make a real treat. Great for next day lunches or light dinners, everyone loves a great sandwich.


Like pizza, you can put almost anything into a pie. Lots of different flavor combinations work brilliantly. Add some fruit to give it a sweeter flavor. If you’ve got meat, potatoes and vegetables left over from a big lunch, all you really need is a stock to keep everything moist, and some pastry. Either homemade or store bought ready to roll pastry is great.

Bread and Butter Pudding

Bread is probably the thing we throw away the most. This might be because it’s so cheap to buy, and such an everyday staple. We always need bread, but instead of throwing slightly stale bread away and replacing it with fresh, why not find a way to use it up first? Stale bread is perfect for bread and butter pudding, which is a gorgeous warming pudding, ideal for the winter months. Other options for leftover bread include, a bread and lemon pudding, or using the breadcrumbs to add a crispy topping to many other meals, or a coating for burgers and chicken breasts.


Stew is a lovely way to use leftovers. Throw any potatoes, vegetables and diced meat into a large pan, add any extras you want, cover with stock and leave to simmer. If you have any leftover stew, make a leftover pie to use the last of it up. One great meal can end up making three fantastic meals!
Try to limit your shopping to what you need, but when left with sometimes unavoidable left over food, please don’t waste it. There are many other options for great meals you can make. Get creative and try new things.


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