Your bedroom should be the place of ultimate relaxation in your home; after all, what’s better than coming home after a long day and jumping straight onto your Koala Queen Size Mattress? However, with everything that happens in our day to day lives, especially in the bedroom, it’s no wonder that sometimes your room can feel more like a prison than a beautiful safe haven.

To avoid that becoming a reality, here is a list of five ways you can turn your bedroom into a sleeping sanctuary.


The brightness in your bedroom can help determine your mood for when you’re awake, but also for when you sleep. When you’re awake you want the room to be flooded with beautiful natural light, but whilst sleeping it has to be dark. Having big beautiful windows is key, but make sure you have blinds that can block out any natural light pouring through from outside, this includes the moon at night.


You want your room to be a comfortable place for you, a great way to make it so is to decorate it so it feels and looks nice. Having ornaments around the room, or even little plants can really change the way you see and feel in your room. Try finding plants that don’t need a lot of attention to survive, as they will generally stay lush for a long time whilst you forget about them and continue on with your life in your beautiful bedroom.

Keep It Clean

Not only is mess annoying to look at, but a cluttered room can leave you with a cluttered mind. Walking into a messy room can immediately lower your mood and make you not want to do anything at all, especially clean. If you keep your room neat and tidy instead of letting it get to the point of so messy that it’s stressful, you’ll have a much easier time staying happy and positive inside that space.

Surround Yourself With Things You Love

Remember that this is your room and you can decorate it the way you want to. It’s a good idea to fill it with things that make you happy, hanging up photos or memorabilia can help keep you in a positive state of mind, and even keeping your old soft toys can immediately bring you to a place of comfort.

Make your bed super comfy

The bed is the most important part of the bedroom, and what’s a good bedroom without a good bed? If you already have a super comfy mattress with some great pillows, then you’re off to a good start. Get bed covers that you love, and that reflect your personality so you always feel at home when you’re in bed. Keeping toys on your bed, or under the doona if it’s embarrassing, is another great way to make you feel comfortable about your designated dozing area.

Your bedroom is the place where you can go to be alone, relax, and do the things you love. If you keep it clean and nicely decorated with a super cosy bed that you look forward to coming home to, then your room should always feel like a safe haven and a sleeping sanctuary for you, and any friends that come over for sleepovers.


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