If you are reading this post, probably in previous years you have already tried, with limited success, to eat healthier and to make a bit more of exercise. These are the most usual new year resolution in the western world. In non-english-speaking countries, there is a third one quite usual: to learn English.

Maybe you have had some victories and some defeats but, after all, now your meals are slightly healthy than a few years ago, and now you have a full collection of sporting material to play tennis, paddle, football, soccer, running or whatever else and you practice any of them occasionally. Maybe you can read this post even though English is not your mother tongue. That is a triumph: History is made of cataclysms, lives are made of small changes.

For this year, you can try a different one: to be a safer driver.

Indeed, it does not sound as glamorous as to learn any programming language or to become an ace of golf, but is really more important for you and your family. So, what’s the plan?

  • Gadgets.
    The first step to accomplish a new year resolution is always to buy some expensive things. This behavior has two main reasons: it shows us and everybody that we are actually working on something; you can’t be a runner without bright coloured clothes and expensive sneakers. In second place, it is the reward we all need to start the engine. Four our specific new year resolution, we will buy a dashboard cam because it will help us in many ways. We will:

    • record our usual trips
    • have an extra protection in case of car accidents and even in insurance fraud schemes
    • record the unexpected (a meteorite crossing the skies? a crashing plane?)
  • Driving
    Once we record our usual trips with the dash cam, we will learn a lot reviewing our own demeanor at the steering wheel. With paper and pen, we should build a list of thing to change in our driving style and things that could happen. Do you regularly use the turn signals? Make a list of “and if” and make a plan on how to learn to react in those situations. In example, you cross every day through a very populated neighborhood with many kids; and if a kid runs in the street after his ball? How to learn and practice these skills? Search for an empty parking lot or a solitary road and make some dry braking. And so on…
  • Securing your car
    Many accidents come from defective maintenance of the vehicles. Sit down and take a look at the car’s handbook. Let’s start by the faults you can easily detect and maybe correct by yourself:

    • check your tire pressures and tread depth regularly – once a week is ideal- and take a look at wheels every time you take your car.
    • check the oil, parking on level ground, and waiting until the engine has cooled down after driving
    • check your lights and indicators once a month; maybe you can replace it if one of the bulbs has blown

This is enough to have a more secure month of January, and once you take the first steps, for next months you will develop your own ideas. Sure


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