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Best Ways To Learn How To Cook


Cooking for yourself is very valuable life skill but not everybody does enough of it, if at all. Anyone who started cooking at a young age with their parents probably feels more confident when cooking as an adult. But if you didn’t do much cooking in your youth, or had a couple of disasters in the kitchen, you may well feel a little apprehensive about preparing your own meal. Rest assured though because there is hope for everyone. With a little patience, hard work and determination, you could become a bonafide wizard in the kitchen and wonder why you didn’t start cooking before.


As with most things in life, the best way to learn how to cook is through doing. Even the likes of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay would have been absolutely rubbish the first time they ever cooked a meal, but through dedication they got better and how their entire livelihoods revolve around food. If you cook the same dishes again and again you will improve gradually and before you know it you will find it yourself cooking with ease. There’s little things like getting the pan hot before putting the food in can make all the difference, and you will be impressing your friends, family and even yourself. There is no such thing as a bad cook, just inexperienced ones.

Cooking Lessons

If you feel like you need to completely learn from scratch, then don’t be afraid to ask. We all have friends and family whose cooking we love, why not ask if you can shadow them one day when they’re next making that meal that you particularly love. They may offer you a few tips along the way and you can then try out the recipe for yourselves.

Choosing Recipes

Most of the time, when people decide to cook for themselves, they end up choosing a healthy dish that is really difficult to prepare and that they end up not enjoying it and that puts them off cooking again. Instead you should always endeavour to cook the meals you love and forget about the guilt. It can be a lot of pun making a big pot of chilli con carne, a traditional curry or a cheesy lasagne. If you make yourself food that you love, you’re more inclined to want to cook it again. Let your friends try it, and when they enjoy it that is bound to fill you with confidence and leave you eager to make the meal again. You should also feel free to experiment with the recipe, whether it’s adding different vegetables, a slightly different sauce or making it extra spicy if you like something with a bit of a kick. You may even find a way to improve the recipe.


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