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Broke after the Holidays? You Might Have Cash You Didn’t Even Know You Had!


It seems as though every year the holidays get harder and harder on us. Maybe we’re getting older, but all that shopping and cooking and yes, eating, has taken its toll and now not only are you exhausted, but you are broke as well. With the next check not coming until after the New Year, cash is in short supply. Actually, you may not be broke after all. You just might have money lying around you didn’t even know you had.

There’s a Pot of Gold Sitting Right There under Your Tree!

Since most of us don’t take down the tree traditionally until the day after New Year’s, there are probably still a bunch of presents still sitting there waiting to find a home. These are the ones you haven’t found a use for yet, perhaps clothes that don’t fit (or you don’t like but would never say so!) and most years they either get stowed away in a closet somewhere or taken to the Goodwill store. This year, why not turn those gifts into cash?

It Doesn’t Have to Be Christmas Either

Before looking at how to turn those gifts into cash, it should be said that you can use the following trick any time of the year. Sometimes we get birthday gifts we don’t need, christening gifts for baby we won’t use or have several of special occasion gifts such as graduation or awards gifts that will never even get taken out of the box. These can be turned into cash as well.

Return Those Gifts for Store Credit

Most stores won’t give you cash for merchandise you return unless you have receipt in hand. However, they will give you credit on a store gift card that you can then take back to that store to buy whatever it is you’d really like to have. At the moment, that’s cash and that’s the one thing you can’t buy with a returned item. Even so, there is a way yet to turn that card into cash.

You Can Sell Gift Cards Online for Cash

Recently, you may have heard about this website that will buy your gift cards for cash. Check out ejgiftcards.com to see how easy it is to take store gift cards and trade them in on the spot for cash. If you have a PayPal account it’s a matter of minutes and you will have cash if they accept the store card you are trying to sell. Of course, you will pay off-the-top a small fee for this service, but since you didn’t buy the card, you are not really losing anything, are you? Follow the prompts on the site and immediately you will have money in your account.

From there it’s a matter of either using your PayPal debit card to get cash out or sending that money to your attached bank account. In either case, you will have cash in hand to use for whatever it is you’d like. What an innovative site to find just after the holidays when you really need that extra money.

Don’t forget to bookmark it in your browser so you remember where to go when your birthday swings around. Chances are you’ll need it then as well.


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