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How Product Recalls Are Ruining the Holidays


While some families around the country are experiencing the post-holiday blues, many more are starting to see red. Americans everywhere are just learning about massive recalls on products that could very well have sat under the tree or waited by the menorah. Though you might think your new stuff looks fine, you should seriously consider investigating recent recall notices to learn whether your favorite gift could hurt your health.


Though adults do enjoy the holidays, it’s hard to deny that many of the most popular holiday traditions are performed for the sake of little ones, especially the gift-giving. Unwrapping a package to find a shiny, new toy to play with is one of the small joys of childhood. Unfortunately, many kids’ holiday gifts this year and in years passed are more than simple playthings ― they are deadly dangers.
When toys contain small pieces that can be swallowed, electronics that can burn or spark, long cords that can wrap around necks, or other features that can harm or kill a child, that product must be recalled. Within recent years, several toymakers have been forced to recall items, including a tongue-drum from IKEA, a stuffed animal from Build-a-Bear, and a baby doll from Walmart. This year, if a toy harms a loved one, you should find a personal injury lawyer San Antonio residents trust to help you obtain justice for children everywhere.

Food Processors

Perhaps the easiest way to chop and shred, food processors are welcome in most kitchens. However, the most popular food processor, manufactured by Cuisinart, is being recalled by the millions due to hazardous blades.
In certain models, the blades of the food processors contain rivets that weaken the blade, and over time, the blades will chip and shatter, leaving shards of sharp metal in food. If you received or gave a food processor this holiday season, you might contact Cuisinart for more information on the recall.


To most, chainsaws are invaluable tools for landscaping. To others, chainsaws are weapons wielded only by the most maniacal of movie villains. Unfortunately, this holiday season, chainsaws might gain an even worse reputation for danger, since the popular Craftsman and Remington chainsaws have been recalled.
A defect in the chainsaw’s design causes it to leak fuel, posing a serious fire hazard. In total, only about 28,000 machines are affected, but you might still review the details of the recall and contacting either company for more information.

After a few years, most parents stop being quite as vigilant of their children, preferring to maintain some sanity and allow their little ones more freedom in exploring the world. Unfortunately, due to poor furniture design and oblivious parenting, 36 children have been seriously injured by falling IKEA dressers ― and at least six of them died after the event.
IKEA was devastated by this news. Not only did the company quickly recall all versions of the MALM dresser responsible for the catastrophe, but IKEA also launched an honest and direct marketing campaign to educate consumers about the recall. Still, some MALM models might be acquired through third-party sellers. If you have children, you must take steps to anchor your furniture properly ― or else risk serious harm to your littlest loved ones.


The Ivanka Trump’s line of scarves, which are made in China, do not meet federal standards for flammability, which means the scarf wearers are at a higher risk for receiving considerable burns. One scarf could cost as much as $70, making it a luxurious holiday gift ― but unsuitable for the risk of death that accompanies it.


Another recall associated with fire hazards, popular candle maker Yankee Candle was forced to recall thousands of its products this holiday season because of a defect in glass. Yankee Candle is easily among the top candle sellers in America, and its holiday line aromatizes millions of homes around the country ― which only serves to make this recall especially important.
The thin, dimpled, square glass of the Luminous Collection is prone to cracking after the candle is lit, allowing hot wax to leak and potentially burn anyone nearby. If you bought a Yankee Candle that smells of any of the following, you should return that candle for a full refund before it harms anyone:

  • Sea Salt & Coral
  • Blackberry & Sage
  • Apple Blossom & Melon
  • Sugarcane & Honey
  • Pine & Sandalwood
  • Cinnamon & Cedar


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