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7 Incredible Tips to Renew Your Apartment this New Year


If you are currently renting a property don’t think that because you are restricted by remodelling the way your home or apartment looks, that you can’t alter the overall feel. There are some great décor ideas that you can include into rented accommodation that will give it a more modern and sophisticated look, just by adding some simple touches.

Kitchen Appliances

The central part of any house is the kitchen area and whilst you may not be able to change the overall look to it, due to renting restrictions there are some handy little tweaks that you can do without voiding any terms and conditions. What we are talking about here is adding modern kitchen appliances, everything from the 12 cup auto drip coffee maker systems, to the top of the range oven and microwave combination cookers can easily add that touch of modernisation to any kitchen.

When you come to buying appliances look around for what can add value and character to your kitchen and make sure that you match the colors and textures with the current feel of the kitchen to get the best impact.

Focus on your Floors

A kitchen floor needs to be hardwearing as this is the one room in the house that will get coated in food, drink and oils. They need to be hard to damage, waterproof and withstanding of anything that you can throw at it, but remember you can’t rip up the flooring so you need to think on your feet, literally!

Overlaying vinyl mats and runners can prevent the flooring from suffering wear and tear but it can also add your own personal touch and character to the room. Even a good steam clean on older kitchen tiles can bring up the true colors of the floor as they lift several shades lighter.

Finishing Touches

Little touches make all the difference to a way your kitchen looks and feels, whether it is an elegant porcelain bowl that is home to your fruit collection for the week, or vase in the corner with some brightly coloured fresh flowers. What you need to look for are things that aren’t going to overcrowd the kitchen but things that will add a certain element of value to them.

Choose accent kitchen pendant lighting and hanging

The next step in our journey of modernizing your kitchen comes in the form of lighting, now once again don’t think that because you rent from a landlord that you can alter how the light looks. You can buy inexpensive light shades and attachments that can completely alter the look of your kitchen.

Pendant lamps, in particular, are popular choices in modern kitchens, and you can safely change these lamps over during the course of your tenancy agreement, as long as you remember to swap them back over after your rental period has finished.

Even changing the bulbs to be brighter or dimmer can transform your looks.

Striking a balance between dark and light in your bedroom

Think about the elements of a bedroom that you can change, the first biggest point are the curtains and the bed sheets, here you have complete control of what colors you want to use that will give you the comfort and look you really want.

You don’t want your bedroom to be totally dark, neither do you want it to be light, so this is where a balance needs to be met. For example, if you have lighter shades on the wall then you can effectively use darker duvets and curtains, and then change the look to be lighter if your walls are darker colored. These subtle changes and blends will help you feel more at home in your bedroom.

Match rug shape to table shape

Rugs are popular amongst renters because these can be used and taken away quite easily at the end of a rental agreement. Why they are also very popular is that they can add so much modernisation to the dining room, living room or bedroom.

The one rule here is to match the rug shape with the table shape, and also to make sure that the colors of the rug match the theme of the chosen room. A circular rug with a circular table will just give it that professional look.

Try carpet tiles

Finally, carpet tiles bring our list to a close. These types of tiles are still very much unheard of but they provide a modern look that is easy to clean and care for. These titles are great for renters because they do not require glue to install them to the floor, you simply remove them from the floor to clean them, and if one area becomes damaged you just need to replace the carpet tile without the need to replace the entire floor.


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