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Out With the Old – 6 Tips For Independant Living


I recently did a stocktake – not of my business, but of my life.

That feeling of claustrophobia that sometimes casts a pall over one’s existence, had all but taken me over. Everything I owned seemed to be in dire need of repair, maintenance or replacing, and the effect on my wellbeing and mood was causing me to reevaluate the way I lived. It was time to spring clean all the metaphorical cobwebs out of my life and start afresh. The impact was immediate and dramatic!

Allow me to show you how making a few well thought-out changes to my thinking and lifestyle has brought me to a happier, healthier way of life.

CARtastrophic Changes

For six months leading up to my life changing decision to revolutionise my life, my rotten old bomb of a car broke down on a regular basis. Sparkling new cars whizzed past me as I sat in the middle of the road waiting for help to arrive. Finally fed up with the stress and discomfort of it all, I decided to begin my life-cleanse by purchasing a new car.

Now many people may love spending their weekends trudging through car yards, being harassed by over enthusiastic salespeople or conversely, being completely ignored by them. Personally I hate the whole experience so I employed the services of a broker. I simply decided which car I wanted, via my online researches and they did the rest, including delivering it directly to my door. You can check out the company I used at Carsandco.com.au.

The Burden of Baggage

Over the years we tend to hold on to an assortment of things which come through our hands including papers, letters, knick knacks and various things that we believe will come in handy ‘one day’. Unfortunately, one day rarely comes, and most of us end up burdened with clutter which can have a dramatic affect on us, not just in our day to day lives but also psychologically. Throw open the doors, both literally and figuratively, and toss it. You will be amazed at how good it feels!

Taking it to Market

Once your de-cluttering has been achieved, there is always an issue as to what to do with all that baggage. If you have never utilised the services of such sites as Ebay, Gumtree or other online selling marketplaces, then you have been missing out. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by what other people pay good money for. I once had an old set of Brownbuilt lockers which I would have had to pay dearly to get to the tip so I popped it onto Ebay and not only did someone come and collect it, they paid over $100 for the privilege!

Light House

Whether you live in your own home or a rental property, keeping your home low maintenance, manicured and streamlined, inside and out, can impact your whole demeanour and enhance yours and your family’s feelings of wellbeing and happiness. Employ the services of a handyman / gardener to repair or remove anything that has been a source of angst. Life is too short to be ‘making do’ with broken, damaged or outdated surroundings.

Shining Example

Employing the services of a good house cleaner may seem like a costly exercise but can, in fact, be surprisingly affordable. A house cleaning service can come in once or twice a week like a good fairy and magically make all the housework disappear, leaving you able to just sit back and enjoy your family time.

Dietary Dilemma

One huge toxic drag on my life had been my diet.

A busy schedule and unhealthy choices had led me to become lethargic and the kilos had begun taking up residence around my middle. It was time to take the last final step in my lifestyle overhaul and ditch the energy-destroying, sugar rich foods that had been weighing me down.

I decided to attempt a 100% raw, natural diet and, whilst I have not quite achieved my goal, my dietary changes have given me a renewed vigour and brighter outlook. It has made a huge positive impact on my life!

We all deserve to get the most out of each day and we can sometimes get bogged down in the daily minutiae without realising the negative effect it is having on our health and happiness. Making a few proactive adjustments can reap huge dividends and transform our quality of life immeasurably. I am living proof of just that!


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