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What Causes Domestic Violence Against Women


Domestic violence against women will happen because of various causes. However, the two main causes that are officially identified are alcohol and drug abuse. In this case we see that the abuse will appear as the male partner is in an addicted state. These are the situations that are normally discussed and that are highlighted in the violence against women act. However, many others can be highlighted. There are situations in which the behavior of the abuser is actually learned during childhood. The men that did witness domestic abuse against women as a child have a good possibility go grow up as abusers themselves.

Whenever talking about domestic violence we should mention that women are going to make up most of the victims pool. The woman is normally subjected to different punishments because of minor or large mistakes. Abuse that could appear can easily involve verbal abuse, psychological abuse, traumatization, sexual abuse and physical abuse.

What Should Be Done?

As you can imagine, the topic is sensitive and there are many different things that should be said about the subject. Being the victim of domestic violence normally means that it is really difficult to make a good decision. It is the responsibility of those that notice domestic abuse to do something about it. When suffering from domestic abuse, counseling is available from various organizations. A counselor can easily evaluate individual situations and make very good recommendations.

The big problem is that many women are not going to leave the abuse situation. A general approach is to basically do all that is possible in order to receive help for all people involved. This is not something that is easy to manage. Resolving differences at personal levels with partners is always possible but eliminating violent tendencies is not something that is easy to do. Professional help will generally always be necessary in order to deal with violent situations and the woman does need counseling. A failure to get that counseling normally leads to the situation in which violence continues or comes back.

Helping Women In Need

In so many situations we see that the woman that is faced with domestic violence does not really know what to do and will remain stuck. This is mainly because of the psychological effect that this can have. People keep saying that women should just leave the abuser but this is so much more difficult than what many believe. Once the woman is stuck in an abusive relationship it is really difficult to take the right steps to get out. It is the responsibility of everyone to not stay quiet and to talk with professionals in order to see what help can be offered.


Violence against women in domestic settings is so much more common than what many believe right now. It is really important that you do all that you can in order to help women in need and if you find yourself in such a situation, getting out is always possible. The law is in your favor and there are numerous support networks created to help you out.


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