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6 Things That Will Devalue Your Property


A mortgage is an investment in a future. It is therefore essential we maintain our homes to the best of our ability to boost their value. Unfortunately, there are some market factors that are beyond your control, such as a poor transformation of a location or the property’s proximity to a school.

Fortunately, there are some aspects of your home’s value that you can control; however, many homeowners are making some big property mistakes, which can potentially devalue their home’s price.

Poor Renovation Choices

Not all renovations will add value to your property. In fact, some features could prevent people from purchasing your property. For example, if you live in a primarily cool climate, a homeowner might be less likely to buy a property with a pool, because the maintenance won’t be worth it.

A Busy Garden

You might think a beautifully landscaped garden would only add value to your home, but it may put people off from investing in your property, because they could view the garden as high maintenance and not have the green fingers to retain its beauty.

Bold and Brave Colours

A buyer will know whether he or she wants to buy your property from the moment they set eyes on your home’s exterior. A poor colour choice or pebble-dashed walls could therefore significantly reduce your property’s selling price. So, if you want to receive as much money as possible for your house, it might be time to say goodbye to the bright yellow or pink walls and opt for a more neutral colour.

Mold Spores

Mold spores can be another common problem that affects a property’s value, and can initially grow where the drywall and wall studs meet. In addition to being unsightly, mold can serious affect your respiratory system if left untreated and it can also make it difficult for a home to receive insurance. You can therefore trust your home will not be an attractive prospect to a potential buyer. So, whether you require a professional plumber Boca Raton or beyond, you should opt for a water damage restoration service.

Messy Bedrooms

A potential buyer will want to imagine themselves living in a house, but they cannot possibly do that if you have a messy bedroom. For a person to see the size and potential of a property, they need to see the flooring and space available – and a messy home will prevent them from picturing themselves living in your home. So, make sure the children have tidied their toys away, remove any clutter and showcase the space to the best of your ability; otherwise, you might receive many low offers for your property.

Pet Aromas

You might love your pet, but not everyone will love their smell. The scent of your dog, cat, guinea pig or rabbit could be the one thing preventing buyers from making an offer. It doesn’t matter if you offer an exquisite interior; no-one wants to live in a smelly home.


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