Staffordshire is one of the most beautiful counties in the West Midlands. Its scenic hills and wild moorlands make the perfect backdrop to any nuptial occasion, and its wealth of great wedding venues leave betrothed couples spoilt for choice when choosing a venue in Staffordshire.

So how do you choose the best wedding venue for your perfect day? This list of the 5 best wedding venues in Staffordshire is here to help you make up your mind.

1. Sandon Hall

Quite possibly the most stunning wedding venue Staffordshire has to offer, Sandon Hall is a huge stately home with 50 acres of formal gardens and 400 acres of parkland. The beautiful building is the ancestral home of the Earls of Harrowby, and it’s available for all manner of parties, from weddings to corporate events to birthdays.

The sheer scale of Sandon Hall gives you plenty of ways to create a wedding that has never been done before. The library, dining room, saloon and of course the gardens are all at your disposal, and the stunning views of the rolling hills and the River Trent are another added bonus for nature lovers.

2. Moddershall Oaks

If extravagant stately homes aren’t really your thing, then Moddershall Oaks could be the venue for you. Situated amongst Staffordshire’s fairytale woodland, the venue is a small, wooden gazebo decorated with lights and bunting in front of enough chairs for all the family and friends.

Overlooking the venue’s own private lake, this small venue is one of the most peaceful in the county, and indeed in the country; perfect for an intimate wedding with your nearest and dearest.

3. Dovecliff Hall Hotel

Another grand old building, this Georgian manor, complete with surrounding gardens and sculptured fountain is perfect for the full wedding experience. House chefs can cook up delicious delicacies, and the overnight accommodation will help faraway family and friends join you for your special day.

The Dovecliff Hall Hotel offers exclusive use to those who invest in premium packages, meaning you and your guests can live in this gorgeous country house for the entirety of your marital period, and even a little longer if you want to prolong the celebrations.

4. The Boathouse at Aston Marina

Staffordshire may be a landlocked county, but it does have claim to the Trent river which offers ample opportunity for sailing, which is exactly what you will be doing if you choose to get married at The Boathouse.

A specially created unique venue from the folks at the Aston Marina restaurant, The Boathouse is a thoroughly modern space with large plate glass windows and big rooms that open out onto a grassy field. It is situated close enough to the river that brides can make an entrance with a special boat arrival. To top it off, the Aston Marina crew are dedicated foodies, so you know the wedding menu will be up to scratch.

5. The Waterfront

Another marina-based venue, The Waterfront’s key selling point is its stunning balcony views of the canal from the Crow’s Nest bar and restaurant; which will be exclusive to your wedding party should you choose to start your marriage here.

Packages that include breakfast, dinner and a dedicated events planner to help you with your arrangements.


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