The layout of our bedroom is very important.

We have to be entirely comfortable spending time there ourselves, and we have to be comfortable bringing others there too, which can be a real problem for some people. Our bedrooms need to be an extension of ourselves, and in order to extend ourselves to such lengths we need to feel what is right for the room. Sometimes that just means decorating effectively, so with the help of Ezibuy, we have put together a list of things that can help beautify your bedroom from top to bottom.

New Sheets

First, we start with the place where all the magic happens; the bed.

Sleeping in for hours and hours is all the more enjoyable on fresh, stylish sheets. For some reason I just sleep better knowing that your sheets have ethically sourced materials and non-toxic dyes used in the process, and to top it all off they look great too. Not a bad setup all in all, but having the full matching bed set is the dream, and with the prevalence of the internet shopping era in full swing, it shouldn’t take long to find your perfect set of sheets.

Bedside Tables

Onto some of the furniture side of things, the bedside tables in your room could do with a change where possible. Swap them out, try them different ways and then finally, try different bedside tables altogether. Sometimes a simple oak bedside table is all that is needed to fully overhaul a room, though that is rare. IKEA can be a good source of cheap furniture, but the quality stuff costs a little more and lasts a lot longer

Wall Decorations

Immediately when someone reads the word “wall decorations” they usually think “painting”. But that’s not the kind of wall decoration we’re pushing here. No, we’re pushing wall flags. Large pieces of square material that cover huge pieces of wall, and are usually adorned with beautiful designs and patterns. They attach in any way you can attach a flag, and they can turn a drab, boring wall into a conversation piece in seconds.


The way your room is lit can say a lot about you as a person.

Harsh fluorescent lighting indicates that you either don’t spend a lot of time in there, or you aren’t bothered by things that might bother others.

Warm soft lighting is often associated with rooms with more “foot traffic”, shall we say. Getting some lamps for your bedside table and maybe a floor lamp for the corner of the room is a great way to soften the light for the whole area and assure yourself that the lighting won’t be too bright or too harsh at any given time.


Finally, we address the storage of the room.

Best Made Company makes a very stylish army style chest to keep your belongings in, and there are plenty of stores that make fine quality wardrobes and chests of drawers for clothes. Open up your browser and start looking for the style that you want, I can almost guarantee it not only exists, but that it’s for sale somewhere.

All of these things can help make a room feel more safe and comfortable, and all of them together can make a room perfect just for you.


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