There are homes in which only balcony is available as outdoor space, especially in the city. Although it does not have an apartment with large dimensions a small balcony can compensate everything. The outside life is usually quite tempting, so with these proposals, we can relive the abandoned terrace again in winter and give it that decorative and functional opportunity that these spaces deserve.

Fresh air

Good winter accessories will be a good option to stay warm while enjoying wonderful views. Carpets, blankets, artificial hair cushions … The textiles in winters will be more sober and with good temperatures, they want more daring colors.

If your balcony does not have a lot of space, it is best to use folding furniture that will allow you to have those precious centimeters. In addition, the small tables attached to the wall or the railing give you more space to enjoy your balcony.

Nowadays there are outdoor heaters with great power, both gas and mains, which will also allow us to enjoy our outdoor spaces on colder days.

Another option is to dress our outdoor spaces with synthetic carpets that mimic the textile materials. They endure the inclemencies of the weather without that they spoil and are just as graceful as others indoors. The decorative weight of a carpet is very important even in the exterior areas of our home. Do not give up your green space and full of pots outdoors, transmit warmth and harmony.

For those who fear the cold

There are other solutions for climates with lower temperatures. Glazing is a trend in recent years and in 2017. All types of enclosures that contribute to the well-being of the tenant, and even makes it possible to prolong the living areas, enjoying the outdoors.


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