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The Basics You Will Need For Your Baby’s Room


Being a first-time parent can be a lot to take on as far as figuring out everything that you will need for your new arrival. When you start looking at how thick all of the baby books are, and the Amazon baby registry lists you start wondering what half of this stuff is for.

There are gadgets and tools out there for just about everything involving your baby, but that doesn’t mean that you need all of it. Don’t let the information overwhelm you. Humans have been having babies for thousands of years long before there were Baby Bjorns and the latest vibrating swings with chirping birds. Instead of filling your baby’s room with things that cost an arm and a leg and you may not even need, here are the bare minimum basics you will need in your baby’s room.

Proper Insulation

First and foremost you have to make sure that your baby’s room is well insulated equipped with proper heating to keep them warm, and free of anything like moisture and mold.

If there are windows make sure that they are properly sealed and there are no drafts coming in. Babies are delicate and sensitive to illness in their younger days, so making sure that they are the proper temperature is essential.

If your baby is born in a warmer time of year or climate, make sure that the room is cool enough and not too hot.

A Crib

Your baby will need somewhere enclosed to sleep where they can not fall out. Therefore, there should be no loose objects or toys which could potentially suffocate them or that they can choke on.

Cribs don’t have to be the fanciest one that you find at the designer baby store either. You can even buy one-second hand from a trusted source, however, buying used baby mattresses is not advised.

Changing Table

Babies poop… a lot! Surprise! You are going to need a place to deal with all this pooping. A changing table or surface where you can lay your baby down while you clean and change their diapers is necessary.

In smaller spaces where an entire station will not fit, many people choose to simply lay a mat down on the floor. You can keep their diapers, wipes, and creams on a shelf, or even just a basket.

A Chair For Feedings

Your baby will wake up quite a bit in the beginning for feedings. Whether you are breastfeeding or giving bottles, a comfortable place to sit to be able to do the nighttime feedings is crucial. You will be half asleep and your baby will be tired, so it is most comfortable for everyone to sit while feeding.

Sleep Sack
Sleep sacks keep your little ones safe and cozy at night. Sleep sacks are specifically designed to keep babies safe and warm and replace loose blankets that may be sleeping hazards. Baby sleeping bags ensure that your child is always covered and warm, regardless of how actively they may sleep. Baby sleeping bags are the safer, more comfortable alternative to traditional loose baby bedding. Designed as a wearable blanket, a baby sleeping bag keeps your baby comfortable and warm all night long, so you’ll sleep better too!


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