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The Importance of Major Household Appliance Care


We all use a range of household appliances, and while some people take them for granted, confident they will carry on for years, most homeowners realise that regular maintenance is required. If you added up the cost of all the appliances in your home, that new car could be sitting in the driveway, with enough left over to pay for a family holiday, and with such an investment, it makes sense to do whatever you can to prolong the lives of these essential pieces of equipment.

Annual Service Packages

Some manufacturers and installation companies offer a range of maintenance packages, which usually would begin when the initial warranty expires. That way, you can be sure that the appliance is always in good shape, and should there ever be a problem, it will be quickly remedied. Some service companies will offer a comprehensive package, and for a fixed fee, they will inspect and maintain all of your major appliances, leaving you to focus on other aspects of running the home. As an example, there are affordable freezer servicing companies that will ensure your appliance is running smoothly and not using too much power, and if you have any difficulty sourcing such a company, simply visit your local online directory and you will be talking to the right person within minutes.

Filters and Hoses

Most household appliances have filters of some sort, and the washer dryer is a good example, with filters on the air intake that need regular cleaning. Some filters can be cleaned using pressurised water or compressed air, while others are designed to be replaced, rather than cleaned. Failure to do this can result in the motor being overworked, and that is the most expensive component of all. Hoses are prone to corrosion and there is a range in the quality, which is why you should always opt for the better quality hoses, as it is cheaper in the long run.

Online Solutions

The list of qualified service people that you might require at home is indeed long, and with technology to the rescue, business cards and leaflets are no longer necessary. A visit to your online directory website is all it takes to source any reliable contractor, for any task, and by simply entering your location, a list of established companies will fill your screen. Whether you need your freezer serviced or your roof repaired, a local online directory is the place to go, and with millions of other consumers doing the same, it looks like the face of the future is already here. Here is some further reading on the pros and cons of online business directories, from a business point of view.

Genuine Parts

Whenever you have a major appliance repaired, it is essential to use components that the manufacturer recommends and with so many parts available, avoid buying anything that seems unusually cheap. Many service companies are registered agents for major appliance manufacturers and by using such a company, you can be sure the parts are genuine. This is a particular concern if you are going down the DIY route, which might be OK for a small job like replacing a hose or filter, but if the work is complex and you have no experience, it is best to call in the experts.


Any device works better if it is kept clean and your home appliances are no exception to this rule. If you buy a new gas oven, for example, regular cleaning will avoid the need for any serious degreasing, and there are effective products to do a range of cleaning jobs on your appliances. Don’t be afraid to move the appliance, as there will be a collection of dirt and debris underneath, which is an attraction for rodents, as well as being unhygienic. Your service engineer will certainly appreciate a clean working platform, and this will help him to do his job in a timely manner, which could mean a lower bill.

Emergency Call Out

Of course, no one wants to experience a burst water pipe in the middle of the night, or lock yourself out of the home, but if the worst happens and you need to call someone out as soon as possible to fix an appliance, the Internet is a great source of information, and your local directory will soon give you the number of a reliable contractor that works out of office hours. If you have a maintenance contract on your home appliances, it might be an idea to give them a call, as they will very often make more of an effort to please an existing customer.


According to many studies, negligence is the main reason for appliance breakdown, and this might be due to the level of complacency we all seem to have when talking about machines that work silently in the background. The dishwasher is always humming away and that soon becomes normal, and with all the stresses of modern life, it is easy to forget about servicing. From a financial standing, neglecting to upkeep home appliances will more than likely cost you in the long term, as these items are never cheap. Freezers regularly require de-icing and if too much dust accumulates behind the appliance, it could affect its performance.

Gas or Electric

A majority of the appliances we use at home are powered by either electricity or gas, and these are dangerous things to tamper with, especially if you have no working experience. If your boiler gives up the ghost, or the washer dryer no longer works, call in a registered service company, as they will know the make and model inside out. The machines that do our menial tasks automatically are very complex and any work should be carried out by someone who is qualified.

Household appliances are a necessary part of the modern lifestyle of today, and with regular inspections and maintenance, you will prolong the life of an expensive piece of equipment that will provide you and your family with many years of service.


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