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Art Displaying Mistakes Every Homeowner Will Make At Least Once

Home & FamilyArt Displaying Mistakes Every Homeowner Will Make At Least Once

Displaying your favorite art can be a fun and exciting part of moving into a new home. Whether the artwork is your own or one that you have purchased in an art gallery or online, getting it positioned perfectly in your home is essential. With the popularity of art on the rise, looking online for art to fill your home with has become a new pastime for some homeowners. However, there are many mistakes that you can make when dealing with this process and we are going to discuss a few of them right now.

Hanging Your Art Too High

Even though you have high ceilings in your home, that does not mean that art needs to be displayed near the top. Hanging art too high on a wall causes the viewer to crank their head up just to enjoy it. Whether the art be high above the sofa or placed awkwardly high near a doorway, it can get even the most simple art lover to cringe.

Using the Wrong Scale

When you are looking for a place to hang your art, make sure that you are taking the size of the artwork into consideration. If you have a huge, long open wall, there is no reason for you to place a single, small photo frame on that wall alone. Make sure you are using the right scale of artwork, and if the space calls for more than one piece, they should be about the same size and placed accordingly.

Too Much Matching Art

When moving art into your home, you might have the feeling that you need to match all of the artwork that is located within the same proximity. That is not the case and should be avoided to keep the flow in the room moving along and not just “stuck” on one art idea. Find complimenting colors to use and art in different sizes and see how they fit on your wall. A little planning goes a long way when you are dealing with art.

Wall Collages Can Be Bad Without Planning

We have all seen the photo frame wall or hallway in the homes we grew up in. At the time, you might not have really thought about how it looked. Today, planning a wall collage takes a bit more time to get it just right and it’s that planning that will knock your artwork displays out of the park. Collages have become popular online and whether you are trying to get your favorite photos arranged neatly for your iPhone case artwork, or you are trying to get a throw blanket to look just right, planning the collage and which photos to use will help the end result shine.

With these simple tips, you can learn to display the artwork in your home in such a way that it will garner a conversation with all that see it. Avoid the awkward placements and the flow through your home will benefit from it.


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