Smartphone applications have made the world an easier place to live in, in spite of all the smartphone haters out there. When you literally carry a computer in your pocket that can also make calls, the possibilities were always going to be infinite in terms of making life easier. Having said that, one cannot forget that the device in your pocket is also a phone and a phone must have emergency contacts in it. When the situation is dire, something as simple and basic as a saved emergency contact can be more useful than all the apps on your smartphone at times. Sure, you can look up the number on Google or find it in an app, but you neither want to, nor may you have the luxury of taking so much time during a crisis situation. On that note, let’s take a look at the list of emergency numbers which every mobile phone should have saved in them, right from the first day of activation.

The Local Police, Ambulance Service and Fire Department
We are not talking about the hardline emergency number here, but the number of the local departments. If you are wondering why you will need those numbers on your phone when you have 911 (or whatever the hardline emergency number in your respective nation is) on speed dial, then know that there are two primary reasons. Firstly, hardline emergency numbers are for extreme emergencies only. If you do not feel like the situation you are in is dire enough, leave the national emergency lines and resources clear for someone who needs them more than you do. Secondly, in most rural areas and even in some small towns, calling the local emergency services will get you a much faster response than calling the national helpline.

Doctors and Hospitals
Try to find at least a few responsible and reputed doctors in your area and save their numbers for emergencies. A house call can often save a life or relieve a painful situation faster than taking that person to a hospital. Speaking about taking someone to the hospital, also find and save the numbers of a few hospitals in your locality. As explained before, in rural areas and smaller towns, the local emergency services are mostly more reliable than national emergency services.

It isn’t the number for a service that will get you ice cubes when you run out of them during a party, but an actual emergency contact number which the emergency services will call after you have been in an accident or some other crisis situation. ICE stands for In Case of Emergency, and it is supposed to be saved in your phone’s contact list at all times under that name. You can save the number of your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, father/mother, brother/sister or a close friend. It can be anybody that you trust; just make sure that it’s someone who usually picks up the phone, even at odd hours.

The Local Plumber
Salt Lake City plumbers saved our house from flooding after the water pipe in our kitchen went from being a tiny drippy leak to full-fledged water-cannon! While we do not discourage attempting to fix tiny plumbing issues on your own, you should know when to quit and call in a professional, before it actually becomes an emergency. Save the number of your local plumbing service and call them if you begin to see signs of a plumbing emergency such as water pooling, leaking pipes, water heaters or faucets, foul smelling water supply, clogged toilets, etc.

The Local Water and Power Department
If there’s no electricity or water in your house, then that’s an emergency situation which can go pretty bad. This is why it is necessary that you save the number of your local power company and water supply for just such situations. It is advised that you also save the number of an electrician nearby, in case the power outage is a result of faulty wiring or a short circuit that needs more expert attention.

Emergency Breakdown Services
After being in an accident, the first thing you should do is check yourself and your co-passengers for signs of injuries. If no one is hurt then it is excellent news, but you are still not out of it yet. Unless you have the number of a breakdown /tow truck service saved on your phone, you could be stranded in the middle of the highway, trying to thumb down passing vehicles for help. If you have a tow truck service’s number saved, you could also be helping those that are trying to thumb you down on the highway by calling the number for them.

While these are the simply must-have contacts in any phone, the list can be much longer. You should also be saving local numbers for animal control, poison control, a few veterinarians, your insurance agent and even a locksmith or two for the times when you are locked inside or outside your own house/apartment.


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