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How To Beat Home Insurance Companies And Steal A Great Deal


It’s hard enough for some families to pay their mortgage every month, so you don’t want to put yourself in more financial danger. Who knows when the company you’re working for will go bankrupt? Most people try to get around this by lowering their energy bills.

Even though it’s possible to save money this way, it’s crucial you do even more to cut down on your home expenses. One way you can do it is by focusing on your insurance. We’re going to look at some excellent tips you should put into action straight away.

Raising Your Deductible

A Toronto insurance broker was speaking at an event in Canada and mentioned something interesting. You’ll find companies will say a $500 deductible is good, but you should opt to increase this up to at least $1,000.

It has the ability to save you around 25 percent on your insurance, which will add up over the years. The excess will be more than enough to pay your deductible easily should the need ever arise.

Shop Around For Better Deals

Do you want to know a secret about insurance companies? They didn’t become extremely rich by being stupid, so they’ll always charge customers more than they need to. Fortunately it can also work against them.

There is so much competition these days you’ll find one company willing to undercut others to acquire customers. If you shop around you’ll be able to find a great deal if you pit insurers against each other.

Paying Enough Money Every Month

In an ideal world you would pay the correct amount of money every month, but we all know ideal worlds only exist in the imagination. If you’re under-insured it could cause you huge problems if anything goes wrong.

It’s not often you hear the same amount of talk about being over-insured, which can be equally as debilitating if you don’t have lots of money. Check you’re paying only as much as you need to for your insurance.

Keep Your Credit Rating High

When times are tough it can have a big impact on your credit rating, so make sure you never let it get damaged in the slightest. It’s going to affect you in so many ways for a very long time if you’re unlucky.

Insurance companies will take it into account because it’s one way to judge what kind of person you are. If your credit rating isn’t great now start doing everything you can to increase it as quickly as possible.

Consolidate Everything Up

Let’s imagine for a second you have Toronto property insurance. You’ll probably have car insurance too. If you live in the US you’ll spend a lot on health insurance. All of these add up to quite a chunk of change.

When someone is in financial trouble they usually consolidate all their debts, which reduces the money they have to pay every month. The exact same thing is possible when you add all your insurance policies together.

It’s Something You Can’t Live Without

Life would be better if you didn’t need insurance, but it’s absolutely necessary for obvious reasons. That doesn’t mean you can’t do everything within your power to save money. If you follow these tips you’ll find it’s not as hard as you think.


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