Effective packing is important when you want to enjoy a hitch-free move across hundreds of miles. Using the old boxes you get from a grocery store for free may suffice when you are moving within your city, but if you want to make a move that will take a day or two, these free packing boxes could disappoint you. You need to protect your fragile items and belongings so they do not get damaged while lifting, stacking or shifting them. The following tips for choosing packing supplies and arranging your items will help you when you need to make your next move.

Crates and Boxes

Focus on high quality boxes like the corrugated boxes from thepackagingcompany.com. These boxes are stronger and more durable than the common boxes used by most companies that pack groceries, wine and other products sold in department stores. They derive their strength from way the cardboard and paper in the box is arranged. In between two sheets of cardboard, you will find triangles. These triangles are difficult to bend so they retain the shape of the box even when people carry it or shift it around.

However, you should check packaging materials and shipping supplies carefully to ensure that there are no holes in them. Also, inspect the boxes to discover any parts that may easily get damaged by water or moisture. To get the best boxes for your move, consider ordering your supplies from the manufacturer or a major dealer that offers a wide variety of boxes with various colours and label forms.

Stuffing and Stacking

When you are placing items into boxes, you want to ensure that there is minimal movement when the box is moved or shifted. Various methods are available for different types of items. For instance, when stacking dishware in a dish pack box, you should place crushed packing paper at the base to line the box. You may also place a few sheets of newspaper in between each plate. You should also stuff the other parts of the box with newspaper or bubble wrap. Other items like mirrors and picture frames have their own special packing method. In most cases, they are padded with special blankets to minimise the possibility of damage from breakage or scratches. Ensure that you are making use of the right packing method for each item.


Effective labeling helps you to easily identify the items in each box and to know the specific room where you packed them. For instance, you can use a colour code for the boxes from a particular room to make unloading much easier. You may implement your colour coding using coloured duct tape. Coloured markers are also effective when you need to sort out boxes from different rooms. Your children will be glad to help you use crayon or a marker to decorate boxes as you pack items into them. Immediately you arrive at your destination, you will know exactly where each box is supposed to go, based on your colour labels.

When you are packing all your belongings to prepare for a move across the country, you must not compromise on packing supplies. Ensure that you use only high quality materials from a reputable supplier. If you need to supplement your packing supplies with free boxes, ensure that they are in top condition and only use them for less expensive belongings.


  1. Labeling things when you are packing for a move seems like a good tip. I would imagine that knowing what is in each box will save you time when you are unpacking. My husband and I are looking for packing supplies to help us prepare for a move so we’ll have to remember to label the boxes as well.

  2. Soon my family and I will be moving. We want to make sure we have the right supplies to start packing our things, and that we will be able to do so in an effective way. I hadn’t thought of implementing color coding using colored duct tape, but this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!


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