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5 Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency of Your Home


Many homes in Canada are still using higher levels of energy than is necessary. Permitting your home to use up unnecessarily high energy can have an adverse effect on the environment and your finances. Energy efficiency affects both heating and cooling as well as the energy output of all electrical and electronic equipment in the home. Here are some ways to increase the energy of your home.

Do an Energy Audit

To maximise the improvement in your home’s energy efficiency, you should begin with a comprehensive energy audit. In Canada, you can get this done with the help of a competent certified energy advisor. At the end of the process, you will receive a list of important upgrades that can help you create a plan and budget. If you successfully implement the recommendations of the audit, you could enjoy a federal EcoEnergy grant that is as high as $5,000. Experts claim that energy focused retrofits could reduce energy use by up to 30%.

Upgrade the Home Heating System

If you live an older home built in the 70s and 80s, you can enjoy a very rewarding increase in energy efficiency by installing an efficient condensing gas furnace. For efficient furnace repair & upgrade in Toronto, you should consult a competent certified heating contractor that can help you to assess your home and recommend the most efficient heating system for your climate and your home.

Replace Energy Sapping Equipment

If you are still using old appliances designed in the 80s and 90s, you could be paying hundreds of dollars extra in operating costs and energy bills over the years. For instance, old refrigerators and deep freezers could consume up to four times the amount used by the latest models. Clothes dryers built today are close to 20 percent more efficient than those designed in 1990. Similarly, replacing an old window unit air conditioner with a modern Energy Star model will help to save electricity costs by up to 30%, especially if the old unit was built more than 10 years ago.

Manage Water Efficiently

You can enhance the energy efficiency of your home by improving the way you use, filter, and heat water. In your bathroom and toilets, you can save at least 60 percent in water consumption by upgrading the old 18 litres per flush water closet with an ultra low volume toilet that consumes just 6 litres per flush. This is close to 70 percent savings in water consumption for flushing alone. If you have hard water in your home or your water filter is not very efficient, you can replace it with a more efficient model like the Toronto house water filters. Also, you may use solar water heaters to heat water instead of the conventional electric powered water heaters.

Install Renewable Energy

Finally, you should consider using renewable energy sources. Apart from the solar water heater, you can also install solar panels that will produce the electricity you need for low power devices like your television, music players, laptops, smartphones, and refrigerator.

Improving the effciency of your home using any of these tips will save you hundreds of dollars annually. This will help you to make up for the initial cost of upgrading your appliances and doing any retrofit projects in your home.


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