How far back do you know your family tree? The truth is that whilst many of us may be fortunate enough to listen to stories from our grandparents about who our great-great grandparents were and what they did, there are even more who have no idea. On top of this, as you all know, stories get altered, changed and skewed throughout history and if you want to know the truth, then there is really only one way to find out.

Records, documents and important papers have been kept on records for hundreds of years and you can access them all to find out who your family were and what they did. People like Eugene Bernshtam for example who have heritage that spans from Eastern Europe to the United States has been able to find out all about his family tree and here are a few reasons why you should too.

It’s Easier Than Ever

Searching for your family has never been easier than it is right now. In the past, if you wanted to dig up the roots of your family tree, you would have to spend hours and hours talking on the phone, making appointments with city hall, raking through document after document and following trails that often lead to nowhere. These days you can simply sign up for a service online and let the internet do the work for you.

It’s A Lot of Fun

It really is a lot of fun to learn about these characters of the past and every now and again a funny story pops up that you may have known nothing about. Things were done differently in the past and many things that happened have a real comedic element about them.

It Can Help to Define You

DNA works in strange ways and you will find that you have the same kind of life or character as one of your ancestors. This can really help to define you as a person and change the way in which you think about and approach things. This is not to say that you will change your personality entirely, but knowing that you have a distant relative who was similar to you can really alter your outlook on things.

Who Doesn’t Love Gossip!

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to find out a bit of gossip and unearth interesting stories from the past. When I went through this process a few years back I managed to find out some really juice details about my great, great granny, these stories alone made the work worthwhile.

You Might Be Surprised

You really never know what you may find out about your family history, many who think that they have a boring family often find out some staggering details about their ancestors which can change their opinion of their family altogether. Digging up the past like this can really lead to some interesting results and it is well worth doing.


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