The decision to downsize your home will have taken a great deal of consideration as moving home can often result in stress and worry. Therefore, reorganizing and regrouping what you already own could reduce the hassle of relocating. For this reason, we are providing some informative tips to help make the downsizing process stress-free.

Downsize Your Belongings

If you are going to downsize your property, you will need to downsize your belongings, too. Therefore, browse through your items to identify what you need to take with you, and what you can sell, dispose or give away. By doing so, you will have more room to enjoy in your new property.


There may be items you do not want to say goodbye to when you downsize your home. If so, you can keep the items safe in a self-storage unit. A little bit of patience can help you discover an affordable unit that can store furniture, decorative accessories, mementos and more.

Digitize Your Items

We live in a modern world, so you can cut down on your belongings by digitizing your videos, photos, CDs and DVDs. You could also save all your personal documents (think birth and marriage certificates, as well as financial records) to the cloud – which will also free up your computer hard drive, too. All you need to do is scan the documents into the computer and store them in a cloud service, such as Google Drive.

Avoid Too Much Decluttering

While you should declutter your items when downsizing, you must not go overboard when descaling your belongings. So, ensure you take the most important things with you, such as family photographs, memorabilia, your favourite books, personal letters and more.

Sort Items with the One Year Rule

It can be so easy to keep hold of items you do not really need, which is why you should follow the one year rule when sifting through your belongings. If you have failed to use an item in the past twelve months, the chances are you do not need it, so you should not take it with you to your new home. While it might be a little sad to say goodbye to an item, you should ask yourself if you will really miss it out of your life. If the answer is no, then place it in the trash or give it away.

Plan Your Storage

Downsizing means you may have to become more creative with your space. We recommend organizing your storage options before you move home – so you will know if you have enough space for your items.

For example, a bookcase can be both a stylish and functional feature in almost any room, while you could opt for a divan bed with drawers for extra room. You should also organize your boxes by room – so you know exactly what items will go where, which could help you to identify any unnecessary items.

So, if you are downsizing your home, make sure to declutter, organize your personal items, digitize belongings and opt for space-saving self-storage solutions.


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