Ever since I had a paper route at the age of 12, my father told me that I should be saving at least 30% of my earnings for a rainy day. Back then I didn’t really understand what my dad was talking about but I followed his advice, for the most part, and banked a third of my earnings in a small piggy jar which I used to have.

As I grew older and began to work full time, making real money, I began to understand what my dad had been trying to tell me and a I continued to save that 30% each month, just like he advised. This routine of saving really helped me throughout my career, it put the first downpayment on a house, paid my kids through college and ensured that me and my wife had a healthy retirement fun.

Around three years ago however, I realized that I was sat on quite a chunk of savings and in all honesty, with the exception of vacations, had little to spend it on. I spoke to my friend Michael Blitzer Kingstown Capital member of staff who deals with investments and he pointed me in the right direction to grow my wealth. I just wanted to explain to you then, where I invest and which has gained me the most money in the last few years so that if you have savings like I did, then you can help to grow your wealth too.

Oil Futures

My career was in the oil industry so I knew a thing or two about the market and started my investments in oil futures. These are basically contracts which guarantee the price of oil on a particular date in the future, if its higher then you get the lower price on your contract. This has been the most lucrative of investments for me so far.

Real Estate

I used some of my savings to buy a vacation spot near Miami beach, I have rented it out ever since and seen a steady flow of income each month. The property is currently 15% higher in value than when I bought it and I am currently waiting to see a higher increase before I push the sales button and turn this into my most lucrative investment.

Stocks and Shares

I am a strictly bluechip guy when it comes to stocks and shares, I have never been a risk taker and my understanding of the market is not great. For this reason I have invested heavily in reliable shares which give me a small dividend each month.


My new venture is to become an angel investor and plough money into start ups within the oil technology field. As yet I have not invested but I have met with some exciting companies and made some good negotiations. I believe in many of the companies and I am hoping that should any of them become successful that I will see a strong return on investment.

So there you have it, just a few ways in which I am investing and some food for thought if you want to do the same.


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