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How to Save Up To Get Some Surgery


Cosmetic surgery is not the big scary thing that it once was, nor is just something which is exclusive to the rich and famous of this World like it used to be. Attitudes towards cosmetic surgery has changed dramatically and as a result of this more people are having surgery which has lead to more surgeons which in turn has lead to lower pricing.

I have had 2 small surgeries in my local clinic Sono Bello, the prices were great and in all honesty the changes were minimal, just tweaks. I used to think in the same way as the rest of the World with regards to body augmentation but now I believe that if you can do it, then you should. Despite the costs coming down, surgery is not be any means cheap and here are some ways that you can get the cash together to pay for it.

Extra Job

Picking up an extra job is a great way to boost your income and whilst it will suck up a lot of your time, you won’t mind if it means that you can get that surgery that you’re after. The best kind of positions to look for when it comes to additional work is restaurant and bar jobs, especially if you work during the day as these will be able to give you evening work. To stay motivated when you’re tired or sick of working all of the time, just think of how great you will look once you have had your surgery.


Many clinics offer great options when it comes to taking out finance on your surgery and you can take advantage of these options to pay for your surgery. As with any debt, you need to think carefully about whether you are going to be able to afford the repayments once you have taken your credit out. It can be very tempting to simply say yes to borrowing money and then worrying about it later but this can lead you down a very slippery path. Make sure that you not only have a plan in place to repay your debt but also that you can afford to repay even if you fall into financial difficulty.

Sell Your Story

A great way to boost your money when it comes to saving up for your surgery is to sell your story to a magazine or newspaper. Many publications write profiles on people who are undergoing surgery and you could make some money from your story to contribute to paying for your surgery.

Sell Your Stuff

There are always things that you will have lying around the house which you could make money from and to help you save up for your surgery you should spend a day raking through closets and drawers, finding stuff to sell. With websites like eBay and Amazon it has never been easier to sell your stuff so get rooting around today and boost your funds for your surgery.


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