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How the Right Kind of LED Downlight Improves Your Lifestyle – and Your Home’s Overall Value

Home & FamilyHow the Right Kind of LED Downlight Improves Your Lifestyle – and Your Home’s Overall Value

There are many kinds of things you can do to improve the style of your home (and your lifestyle at home), and often they are neither expensive nor hard to do. The right kind of lighting in the home is probably the most underestimated yet most effective way of adding that perfect touch. Downlights are just a simple example of this.

Downlights are not only functional, they add to the atmosphere in the home – they are able to set the right mood for any situation. But how? And where should you install them? Here are five tips: how the right kind of LED downlight improves your lifestyle – and your home’s overall value.

The kitchen

A kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the home, and it’s here that the LED can be very useful. Not only does LED allow you to be economical when it comes to your lighting needs, the kind of lighting can be adjusted according to how you need it – as task light, ambient light, and so on. You can also choose your intensity according to the time of day.

The bathroom

The bathroom is no longer a room where the mandatory tasks of personal hygiene are performed; it is becoming more and more a place where one can get ready for the day ahead or where one can relax and unwind once the work is done – in comfort, privacy, and luxury. The lighting matters. By adjusting the colour temperature, you can create different moods and make the bathroom a true room of relaxation.

Image courtesy of MR LIGHTMAN/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Just like in the bathroom, some tasks require a lot of brightness whilst some other activities require a more subdued kind of lighting. For bedrooms, recessed lighting is especially recommended – not only because it creates a modern and cleaner look, but also because it allows you to come to rest and relax to the fullest.

Living areas

Whether you’re having a relaxing supper or enjoying a night of movies, LED lighting can be adjusted to fit your needs the best. Dimmable LED lighting allows you to regulate the bulbs for maximum effect, whatever your activity may be.


It’s often underestimated, but good lighting in the hallways can make your home much more welcoming and relaxing, for both residents and visitors alike.

LED downlights, such as the ones available from Aurora Lighting, are so effective in creating various moods because of the various great properties they have – they save money and energy, are perfect when it comes to recessed lighting yet perform excellently as task lighting, and can be set to various colour temperatures depending on the purpose of the lights. They’re flexible and economical, and add a real sense of style.



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