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A Look at the Career Options for Military History Students

Home & FamilyA Look at the Career Options for Military History Students

History is an important part of anyone’s education. By knowing where we have come from, it is easier to look to the future. This way, we can see the impact of the past. There are several specific history degrees available, including one in military history.

A degree in history teaches students to look at the different opinions found in the world, while a military history degree opens the door to several careers in that specific field. Whether working as an author, an archivist, or an analyst, there are several career options for students with a degree in military history.


Archivists have been trained to preserve records so that researchers and the interested public can have access to the information that those records hold. The term “records” is a bit misleading, however, as “records” can include papers, maps, and photos, among other things. Archivists are responsible for the care and keeping of these records, while also knowing what can be discarded. There are a wide variety of jobs under the umbrella of an archive. Archives also offer jobs for conservators, who are responsible for conserving records, and records managers, who collect and maintain records. In addition to archives, many museums have a military collection, so don’t ignore non-profit opportunities.


A military analyst is someone who works with policymakers and the commanders of the military in federal government. The job involves preparing briefs, evaluating tactical moves, looking at civil-military relations, and other issues both in the United States and internationally. For many of these analyst jobs, like those at the Central Intelligence Agency, military history is a valued skill.

This is likely because military history degree programs, like the one offered through Norwich University, do not only teach history; they emphasize the strategies behind military actions from some of the greatest tacticians in history. These programs also try to give students insights into how war has changed over the years and the different things in a culture that impact a conflict. In any job, this ability to use critical thinking and deductive reasoning will come in handy. Not only is this useful for military history, it helps students become stronger historians.


Although the jobs as a professor of military history are few and far between, they do exist. To teach at a four-year university, you will need a Ph.D. in military history, but with a master of arts in military history and enough experience, you may be able to work at a community college. Not only are these jobs available at public and private educational institutions, military colleges offer classes in military history. Although these positions are difficult to secure without prior government work, they can be very rewarding. For this job, however, be aware that you will most likely have to teach other history classes, not just military history.

The past is important because, without an understanding of it, it can be difficult to effectively move forward. History, especially military history, is proof of this. There are many jobs available to students of military history, whether for the government, as an educator, or in the nonprofit sector.


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